December 06, 2017

Winter Scents To Gift For The Holidays

winter scents to gift for the holidays

Winter Scents Make The Perfect Christmas Gifts

We have all manner of pre-Christmas traditions and rituals in our house… and they only seem to grow in number as Holly grows up. I think it’s a form of compensation.

When your kids are small and still believe in Santa Claus (by the way… I still absolutely believe in HIM), it feels a lot easier to create a sense of magic around the run up to Christmas.

Ever since that probing conversation a couple of years ago that started with “Come on Mum… tell the truth… I need to know!” I’ve been seeking comfort in other rituals that help keep the festive magic alive.

I mean… who actually is the kid here?

Biscuit watching all the christmas gift wrapping

snoozing labrador curled up on the sofa for winter

So when The White Company asked if I would like to partner on a Holiday Season post about my favourite rituals of Christmas, I was very happy to oblige.

As in Buddy The Elf running through the revolving door scene happy!

Preparing for Christmas feels truly magical and I willingly throw myself into every single element each year. By mid-November I’m fully committed to the cause and ready to get Christmassy.

As well as decorating the entire house and planning festive food and drink menus, I love to build up a collection of home scents to make the house smell beautiful. Mr OS has learnt that a raised eyebrow and the words “Another Christmas candle??” have no impact whatsoever anymore.

Burning White Company Pomegranate candle whilst wrapping gifts

Pomegranate Large Candle | Pomegranate Diffuser

I can’t say I’m that keen on writing the Christmas cards but I love, love, love wrapping presents. I’m never happier than when surrounded by piles of gifts, rolls of ribbon and all kinds of parcel paraphernalia.

I think that Christmas is the perfect excuse for going that extra mile and making a gorgeous gift look beautiful on the outside too.

mug of tea to accompany holiday season gift wrapping

bright white minimal holiday season vibes

Kraft Christmas Ribbon | Cedar Leaf Garland | Winter Mini Home Scenting Set | Fir Cone Ties | Ceramic Candle Plate

The gift-wrap process has to be accompanied by mugs of tea in the daytime (or a glass of sherry if covert night time wrapping is taking place!), a healthy amount of twinkle and ALL the Spotify Holiday Season play lists on in the background.

So I thought I’d combine two of my favourite festive elements and share some of the gorgeous scents I’ll be gifting this season together with a few wrapping tips.

Give The Gift Of Winter Scents

A beautifully fragranced home in the Holidays gives the ultimate “Welcome In!” vibe, so to me it feels like the perfect gift to give to friends and family.

I have several friends who are totally on board with the everyday luxury vibe that lighting a beautiful candle creates.

Possibly because I spend all year telling them that home fragrance is a necessity to #ElevateTheEveryday and should be indulged in as much as possible!

seasonal scent gifts white company winter pillar candles

make an occasion of wrapping gifts this holiday season

Winter Pillar Candle | Merry Christmas Script Paper | Wired Ribbon | Winter Signature Candle

I love the fact that whilst lots of The White Company Winter fragrances have a Christmas vibe, only one of the their seasonal offerings, the White Christmas range, uses the actual word.

This year I’ve chosen diffusers, candles and a couple of the Home Scenting Sets in a mixture of my all time favourite fragrances – Winter, Pomegranate and Cassis.

the occasional gift to self
gets added to the basket…

Fragrance is so powerful when it comes to evoking memories, so I’m hoping that these gifts will bring a smile though the long winter months that inevitably follow Christmas.

As is often the case, whilst doing the Christmas shopping, the occasional Gift To Self gets added to the basket… but I think this is a treat we all deserve at this time of year!

white company fir tree botanical candle christmas gift

Fir Tree Botanical Candle

My choice? Fir Tree… in as many forms as possible dotted about the house.

With a fragrance described as “like exploring the depths of a faraway forest that’s thick with pine trees and laden with snow”, this smells heavenly. If I shut my eyes and inhale, I’m in the Lapland of my own imaginings!

And it’s the perfect candle to light when sitting down to wrap presents.

Christmas Wrapped

I have to make present wrapping an occasion. This involves getting set up at the table, lighting that Fir Tree candle, putting on some Christmas music (Well Hello Mr Bublé!) and taking time to actually enjoy the process rather than seeing it as a chore.

This year I’m adding natural decorations to plain white or brown paper. Try dried slices of orange sprinkled with cinnamon (bake long & slow in the oven), apple slices, eucalyptus stems or cinnamon sticks.

white company fir cone ties and twine stylish gift wrap

add natural accents to plain white paper

Sprigs of rosemary or single fir tree branch cuttings attached to ribbon or twine adds a fragrant touch and costs next to nothing. Failing that, I love these Fir Cone Ties – perfect for an instant gift-wrap upgrade when you’re time poor.

I find its best to pick a colour theme and stick with no more than two or three shades of tonal wrapping.

i’m in charge of organising Christmas
so I get the final say…

The OS family have been known to mock my maniacal monochrome gift-wrapping tendencies, but everyone agrees it all looks pretty stylish once placed under the tree.

Besides, I’m (mostly) in charge of organising Christmas so I get the final say so!

My absolute must buy this year is a roll of the White Kraft wrapping paper. It’s the perfect, high quality blank canvas for any type of festive wrapping embellishment and not only that, as a product from Chrissie’s White Heart Foundation, 10% of the profits will be donated to the Refuge, Prince’s Trust and Place2Be charities.

christmas gifts sleeping dog on sofa

So here’s where you’ll find me for the next couple of weeks.

In a house that smells of Winter Holidays and knee deep in wrapping paper and ribbon. Which is all pretty okay with me.

Oh and don’t forget the snoozing dog in the background – I think she’s in pre-Christmas hibernation mode… and I can’t wait to join her!

Which rituals and traditions for Christmas do you love the most? And do you have a favourite festive fragrance?

This post was sponsored by The White Company – a brand that I adore and who, in my opinion, never fail to make Christmas simply stylish!

Thank you for supporting Online Stylist sponsors – they help to keep me in business and blogging onwards into the future.

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  1. Last year I instituted white wrapped gifts too and absolutely love the way it looks under the tree – and yes, I get the final say so since I’m in charge of most of it. Funny, I also find little gifts to myself also being added to the basket!

  2. Oh yikes it’s our first year of smallest boy not believing in the big man coming down the chimney (to be fair we got to 14 before he cracked) so I will definitely be looking to amp up all the other chrimbo traditions to compensate ! ☃️❄️

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