June 12, 2017

Win A Colour Cut And Blow Dry At Josh Wood Atelier!

win a colour cut and blow dry at Josh Wood

Want to win a colour cut and blow dry at Josh Wood?

Back in March, whilst staying in London for a couple of days, I got to try out the amazing Josh Wood Atelier colour and cut experience.

Tucked away in amongst the mews of Notting Hill, stepping into this super sleek salon through a very un-hairdressery (sshh…its a word), front door almost feels like you’re being let into a secret club.

A secret club of REALLY good hair let me tell you!

So I’m really excited to bring you the chance to win your own free pass to the Really Good Hair Club  – aka a colour, cut and blow dry treat at Josh Wood of your own!

Read on to find out how…

Having been steadfastly ignoring my rampant grey roots and ever multiplying frizzed out ends for way too long, I was desperate for some hair TLC and then some.

Once I was settled in to my salon chair, I got to meet both my colourist Melanie and then Sophie who was cutting my hair later on.

Melanie listened to all my Going Grey woes and we talked about one day, the possibility of becoming a sleek, silvery haired (assisted) grey a la Sarah Harris. But that day is not here yet.

We both agreed there’s still a lot of mileage to be had in varying blonde hues so Melanie said she would brighten things around my face by adding in a few extra creamy blonde pieces too.

Inside Josh Wood Atelier Landsdowne Mews salon

the “secret” good hair club where your name is always on the guest list

I explained to Sophie that I had recently slipped back into Growing It Just Long Enough So I Can Enjoy The Occasional Top Knot mode.

She was able to reassure me that she only needed to carry out what I call a Just Take Off What You Need To Make It Healthy Again trim.

Disclaimer: These are both my own technical hairdresser terms. I once spent a year working in a hair salon, aged 16 on a YTS scheme, so this totally qualifies me to make stuff up use my own terminology.

The key thing in both these cases is having a colourist and stylist who understand your needs and wants but who are also happy to guide you in their field of expertise.

I would imagine this exists in spades at Josh Wood if my experience was anything to go by.

before during after josh wood atelier

before, during & after

Here’s the obligatory Before, During and After shots proving that yes, we are prepared to put foil on our heads and sit under spaceship-esque looking contraptions all in the name of good hair.

And post pics of ourselves doing so on the interweb so it seems. I like how I appear to be closing my eyes in the During pic. You have to look but I don’t!

My hair transformation, complete with a few more golden blonde highlights in different shades plus a healthy trim, left me feeling like the Disney version of me.

I could have hugged both Sophie and Melanie as I left the salon swinging my new locks…in fact I’m pretty sure I did!

online stylist new hair

Look at how happy my new hair is making me!

creamy blonde highlights by melanie at josh wood atelier

These two pics were taken the next day after a sleepless night in London and a long journey back home that left me feeling bedraggled.

My hair however was still ready to party!

Win A Good Hair Day!

So if you’d like to win a colour cut and blow dry experience at Josh Wood, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post and follow @JoshWoodColour on Instagram. Simples!

In order to qualify, all comments must be left by the closing date of midnight on Tuesday 20 June. The winner will be chosen at random using Random Result and will be updated here and announced on my Instagram feed by Thursday 22 June.

Please see T&C’s below.

And on another good hair note, Oribe haircare products are used at Josh Wood and if you’ve ever smelt their fragrance you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say… OH MY GOD!

Pronounced Or-bay as I now understand it, I came straight home and ordered the Gold Lust Repair & Restore shampoo, conditioner from the same range and the Supershine Light hair cream that was used to wash and dress my newly blonded tresses.

It may have cost me an arm and a leg to stock up but these products are superb and I wanted to carry on that good hair feeling way after the salon appointment. Try them (see my selection below) and you’ll be hooked!

Good luck with competition and let me know if you’ve tried out Oribe products before?

shop the post

Red Lipstick – Hot Lips Tell Laura by Charlotte Tilbury | Black Lace Blouse – Monsoon

Terms & Conditions:
The appointment will need to be redeemed within three months of winning and appointment availability is between Monday to Friday.

Upon announcing the winner, I’ll pass on email details to Josh Wood who will be in touch directly to arrange the appointment.

update 22 June | The winner is…

✨  Congratulations Debs Harding! We’ll be in touch via email to organise your prize!  ✨


Disclosure: I enjoyed my colour, cut and blow dry experience c/o Josh Wood. As ever, all thoughts and opinions expressed are genuine and entirely my own.

28 comments on “Win A Colour Cut And Blow Dry At Josh Wood Atelier!”

  1. Oooh, love your new ‘do Amanda – love the length and colour! I’m in serious need of a hair refresh before my wedding, so keeping my fingers crossed for the competition! Holly x

  2. Good hair sorts out all probs – u have inspired me to spend a bit time on myself after a premenstrual crisis reaching for the hair straighteners helped !!!

  3. Hair Goals! you look gorgeous! I have to go religiously every 3 weeks to get my hair coloured as have so much white/grey coming thru and I really need advice on how to keep the grey at bay as fear i’m starting to look tired and dated! Would love a trip back up to London – used to work and live there and not been back for 8 years – craving a glamover as feeling distinctly parochial!! xx

  4. Something about having ‘happy hair’ which keeps those horrible hormones at bay. Love the colour and cut – really pretty style.

  5. Oh wow! What an amazing prize! I’d absolutely love to win this! My hair is looking hideous right now – drab & flat with dreadful roots. Desperately needing a hair makeover! xx

    Tara Adamson

  6. Your hair looks amazing! I have always wanted to try this salon but was worried I would feel intimidated but it seems like a friendly place so fingers crossed for this prize…..!

  7. Loving the colours used. I have tried so many hairdressers trying to achieve “that perfect colour”. Still looking sadly.

  8. There is nothing quite like an amazing cut and colour to put the spring back in your step. Your hair looks fab! Love the bend in it if that’s the technical term. Agree re those Oribe products too 🙂

  9. My hair is in serious need of help, I’m losing the battle with the greys and I think I might have to go blonder to disguse them but it’s soooooo scary!

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