September 13, 2018

Why It’s So Important To Celebrate The Small Stuff

celebrate the small stuff

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One of my (many it would seem), intentions for the new season ahead sits perfectly within the premise of one of the main reasons why I started this blog. To remember to celebrate the small stuff.

Why is it so important to celebrate the small stuff?

Because life is tough – so tough sometimes it’ll have you running for the hills screaming in pain or frustration. So don’t we deserve those little pockets of joy? Hell to the yeah we do. Even when things are really hard, I think it becomes even more important than ever to find a moment worthy of shaking your metaphorical pom poms at.

A million Pinterest quotes about learning to dance in the rain and storms that clear the air etc. etc. can’t be wrong.

By celebrating something, no matter how small the achievement or happening, you’re also doing something incredibly useful – acknowledging your own worth. In an era where more of us are guilty of way too much negative self-talk, that affirmation is more important than ever.


champagne fridays and a quick supper

Veuve Clicquot Rose and anti pasti

Champagne Flutes – Marks & Spencer | Stripe Dress (last season) – The White Company c/o | Symons Bone China Serving Platter – The White Company c/o | Small Dish (part of set) – Marks & Spencer | Veuve Clicquot Rosé – Waitrose

When it feels like things are repeatedly going wrong, it’s all too easy to only focus on the bad stuff that’s already happened. And to think that from now on in, only bad stuff will happen. I have a theory that I’m holding on to of late. If I take the time to celebrate the small stuff, it might help to swing the balance about how I roll with the highs and lows of life in general.

If I can have a collection of happy moments to hold onto when things get tough, I figure that will help when the lows are in full swing.

One instance that stuck with me from earlier in the summer was when my mum had gone into hospital and the outcome at one point looked pretty bleak whichever way you looked at it. Our original plan, with H away on a school trip, had been for a weekend escape and to see Jack Savoretti at an open air gig in the grounds of a country estate.

Despite spending the weekend at the hospital, we did get to the concert on the Saturday evening. And it was standing outside in the warm summer night’s air lost in a favourite song being sung live, full of chilli con carne and red wine, with Mr OS’s arm around my shoulders, that I had a moment.

opening a bottle of champagne for no reason

I decided that this one right here, despite whatever might happen, this moment will be the one I file away as the Don’t Forget one. Possibly because it felt like the most surreal weekend ever. Possibly because it was one of extreme worry, sadness and confusion mixed in with a moment of pure joy… and possibly in part due to the red wine. But I won’t forget exactly how I felt in that moment and I vowed to hold onto all the emotions I was experiencing.

Back in the now, despite what these images might infer, I’m not suggesting you bust open a bottle of Veuve Clicquot’s finest every time something makes you smile. Although if you’re in need of a list of excuses that warrant a cork being popped more frequently, I do have one and I’ll sell it to the highest bidder!

any reason to celebrate with Veuve Clicquot Rose

celebrating with a champagne supper at home just because its Friday

Plates – Part of Symons Bone Chine Set – The White Company c/o | Napkins (old gift ) The White Company | Dining Table – Made | Sheepskins – Ikea | Candle Holder (last season)  – Amara Living c/o

Celebrating anything, big or small, belongs to a positive mindset. And you don’t need me or any other well-meaning online source to tell you that positivity is linked to good health, resilience and optimism.

Taking time for a moment of reflection or finding a way to mark an achievement makes me more receptive to more of the same so I’m hoping it might become some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

It also reminds me that there really isn’t an all encompassing goal or level of total awesomeness that I have to reach. Newsflash – there isn’t one. Have you ever heard anyone say “I am THERE! My life is perfection. I got it all right. Now where is my bottle of champagne?”

To Do lists always get added to. There will always be another challenge or a bump in the road to navigate. So why not stop and celebrate all along the journey? Because ultimately, that’s all it will ever be – a journey of ups and downs.

toasting to celebrating the small stuff with a glass of pink champagne

If that means a bottle of champagne and cheats supper of bread and antipasti just because it’s Friday and you made it through a tough week then so be it!

Here’s my list of big + small things worth celebrating

I’ve read loads of books this year.
I enjoyed my first cup of tea of the day in peace and quiet in the bathroom.
I did something solely for myself. I went back to Pilates and it felt great!
I drove past a field of sunflowers to get to Pilates & the studio overlooks a clifftop.
I’ve been blogging for ten years. And I’m still blogging!
Every time I catch up with a best friend, it feels like we’ve never been apart.
I got out of bed on time without even reaching for the snooze button.
I ticked three things off my nagging domestic To Do list. Three!
I’m raising a girl who sometimes shows wisdom and maturity way beyond her years.

Which small things will you celebrate this week?

And how will do it? I can highly recommend a bottle of Veuve on Champagne Fridays!

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8 comments on “Why It’s So Important To Celebrate The Small Stuff”

  1. Hurray for celebrating the small things! I think one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever been given was to use the time between getting into bed and falling asleep to re-run all the good things that have happened during the day. It’s so easy to dwell instead on problems and mistakes, and set up a cycle of worry. I really believe that this tip makes it easier to drop off in a good frame of mind, have a refreshing sleep, and wake up feeling positive. I usually fall asleep before I’ve got much further than the morning!
    PS I went back to Pilates last year after a long gap, and I’m loving it!

    1. Hi Judy,
      I love this idea and you’re right. Sadly, the things that we let run around our heads the most are normally the negative. And anything that helps drop off to sleep is more than welcomed by me! So glad to hear you’ve gone back to Pilates – it feels great once you’re back doesn’t it?
      Have a great rest of the week!
      Amanda xx

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