October 02, 2017

Wardrobe Staples | The Biker Jacket Edit

the biker jacket edit

in praise of the biker jacket

I know. I keep banging on about the biker jacket but with good reason. I am obsessed!

And it’s all the fault of this one I’m wearing here.

For years I’ve been sporting a faux version from Zara that I picked up in the Covent Garden store during one February Fashion Week.

Remember the days when I used to do that?

It was under £40 and was pretty darn good. It always received loads of compliments and my fellow biker jacket worshippers would smooth it and exclaim how it looked like the real deal.

A good biker jacket
will serve you well…

I wore it with a skirt in this post,  for this misty morning school run and here in London with a pink skirt. This jacket definitely served me well!

So you CAN find great faux versions…. and I’ll be including a few suggestions below.

But… should you be in the market for investing in a genuine leather version this year then I would completely encourage you to go for it.

Having put this off for years (because lets face it, upwards of £250 is a LOT to shell out), I can now see the beauty in owning the real deal.

online stylist desk space at home

white company black leather biker jacket wardrobe staple

WEARING: Biker Jacket – The White Company c/o | Cashmere Roll Neck Jumper – The White Company | Nails – Essie in Licorice | Point Ring – Matthew Calvin c/o | Zip Detail Joggers – The White Company | Velvet Trainers – The White Company

This one from The White Company was the epitome of everything I look for in a biker jacket. Silver hardware, soft supple leather, a classic as opposed to trendy vibe and not too much of a snug fit.

I know. You’re probably sitting there thinking “Well that’s okay for you because you were gifted it for your wardrobe edit post!”

Yes I was. When I took delivery of the sample props for the shoot, straight away I knew I had to reduce my sponsored post fee to own this thing of beauty. And that’s not something I do very often because it doesn’t make good business sense.

So in the end it came out of my salary. And I don’t regret it for a minute – I literally grin like an idiot every time I put it on!

leather biker jacket cashmere and coffee

The true beauty of the biker lies in the infinite number of ways it can be styled.

The obvious classic combo of jeans, boots and a white Tee rocks my world as much as the more unexpected one such as pairing it with a printed dress.

Perfect lazy girl luxe…

And lets not forget my own lazy girl luxe incarnation here – biker + cashmere + joggers + trainers = Hello! Possibly The Best Work At Home/Take You Anywhere Outfit EVER.

So, to see if I can persuade you that the one wardrobe staple you should invest in this autumn is a beautiful leather jacket, I’ve put together some styling inspo, most of which is ably demonstrated below by the uber stylish Lucy Williams.

styling the black leather biker jacket

how to style a black leather biker jacket

With cashmere (of course), over sweaters and Breton tops or grey joggers and white trainers.

Then there’s the print dress pairing (this one would be great for the colder months) and a personal favourite of mine – over black skinny jeans, black Tee and killer shades a la Sara Donaldson from Harper & Harley.

It even works when you shoulder robe it!

online stylist biker jacket edit

Take a look at the biker jacket edit below. It starts with some amazing faux finds and goes on through a range of great mid priced investments, all the way to the big buck buys to finish.

See one you covet? Click for more info or to shop…

Try Topshop for a good selection of faux bikers and, in terms of not being too expensive, definitely worth a special mention for their huge selection is Mango.

They have lots of different takes on the classic shape, my favourite being this one if I had to pick only one!

Baukjen, Whistles and Jigsaw are all classic offerings and then you get closer to the more eye-watering spends at Acne and Joseph.

So what do you think?

Will you be investing in a life long love biker jacket this autumn… and if so, which one gets your vote?

shop the post

Photography: Marlene Lee

Images: Pinterest | Lucy Williams at Fashion Me Now | Sara Donaldson at Harper & Harley

2 comments on “Wardrobe Staples | The Biker Jacket Edit”

  1. It’s a lovely jacket, looks lovely on, I can quite understand why you had to own it! Sounds like you had a bargain with your old jacket too.
    I had an inexpensive red leather jacket for years (cost about £60, 15 years ago), you could tell it wasn’t top quality and that was probably why it didn’t get the use. I’ve since bought a good quality navy leather, and while it isn’t a proper biker (center zip, no collar) it ticks all the boxes. It’s in its third year now and cost per wear is now down to under a pound! That old red one never got down to anything near the same cost per wear, so it does go to show that it’s worth splashing out on quality.

    1. Thank you Sue!
      The cost per wear maths is always worth doing when you know its going to be a long term investment – I so agree!
      The navy version you have sounds wonderful. Long may it be worn with pride!
      Amanda xx

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