June 15, 2016

Travel Essentials To Elevate The Everyday

Summer holiday season is almost upon us and for some, it’s already in full swing. For me, nothing adds to the enjoyment of a trip more than being able to take a little luxury along for the journey.

Possessions that provide comfort and bring a smile to your face when you use them are definitely classed as travel essentials as far as I’m concerned. So I’m thrilled to partner with one of my very favourite brands, The White Company, to bring you my guide to those pieces that will definitely help to elevate the everyday whilst travelling!

On my recent Mediterranean cruise aboard the stylish Europa 2, having a few luxurious pieces to take with me really did make the trip extra special.

First things first and especially when I’m travelling on my own, organisation is key. The beautiful double zip leather pouch whispers airport chic as you glide through departures and more importantly, it keeps all your travel documents safe in one place inside your hand luggage. Not that I have a tendency to glide in any airport – it’s more of an over excited skip but you get the mood I’m aiming for with my accessories at least!

Not only that but it doubles as a stylish minimal clutch for the evening once you reach your destination. By which time I may have managed to contain my excitement a little and gliding may be slightly more feasible.

travel essentials to elevate the everyday

A White Company cashmere scarf is a perfect travel essential

Beauty essentials for holidays and travel

Luxury white leather wash bag from The White Company

When I travel with Mr OS he, without fail, asks why my suitcase is so heavy and I, without fail, blame the amount of beauty products I pack. My excuse is that a forty something shouldn’t be asked to travel without her daily essentials.

This ever present conundrum wasn’t really solved this time – I still took EVERYTHING. But at least I had something large enough to get all my beauty essentials from A to B in style. Everything I needed fitted perfectly in to the leather wash bag and this time my makeup brushes were kept neatly to hand in the matching white leather, zip brush case too.

For this trip I was able to check a suitcase into the hold but on those occasions when you can only take a carry-on bag, the Day Eau de Toilette in a handy 30ml travel size is the perfect holiday fragrance. Now that I’m back, every time I spritz it on, those wonderful cruise memories come floating back!

For a touch of home comfort and relaxation I usually like to pack a travel candle or a few tealights in my favourite fragrance. The summery scent of fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber from the Seychelles tealights was perfect.

And then after a dip in that wonderful whirl pool tub in my suite, an application of the roll-on Spa Relax oil onto pulse points before climbing into a pillow-filled nest helped to ensure a good night’s sleep. That and the gentle lull of the ship as it glided through the Mediterranean. The ship was much better at the gliding thing than I was.

View from Oia in Santorini

Posing on cliff top steps in Santorini

Luxury travel essentials recommended by The Online Stylist

Blue mirror RayBans and White Company grey leather pouch for added travel glamour

Luxury travel essentials on board Europa 2 in the Mediterranean

When it came to what to pack for this cruise, I knew that a couple of walking tours around Santorini and Palermo were on the cards as well as a really exciting trip up to Mount Etna in Sicily.

So I needed a couple of versatile pieces that would work across all of these scenarios. First up the White Company Superga canvas plimsolls in grey (of course!) made for comfy shoes to fly in and were brilliant for walking around the city.

You already know about me and my cashmere obsession so a scarf for in-flight comfort and covering up on chilly evenings is a travel priority. For hotter climates, I find it’s best to opt for a finer cashmere like the ombre version pictured here.

Unfortunately this one has since sold out but I’m fairly sure there’ll be more cashmere in future White Company seasonal drops. Meanwhile, this one is a similar colour-way and light enough in texture for warm weather travelling.

View from a crater on Mount Etna in Sicily

wearing cashmere on a volcano in Italy

And if you’re wondering what to wear when climbing Mount Etna and experiencing a few moments of weather extremes, I can highly recommend putting on said cashmere scarf before taking your volcano selfie. There’s a sentence I thought I’d never type right there!

Keep an eye out for more about the places I visited and the pieces that came along for the ride in future blog posts. Meanwhile, if you’re planning your summer vacation, take a look at The White Company Holiday Shop for more travel essentials that will help to add a touch of laid back luxe to any trip.

Do you like to a pack few luxe favourites when you go away and if so, what would you never leave home without?


This post was written in collaboration with one of my goto brands, The White Company. Thank you for continuing to support the sponsors who help maintain The Online Stylist’s presence in the blogosphere!


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  1. What a lovely post. I particularly like the gorgeous picture of you on Etna which captures the joy of the moment so perfectly. xx

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