May 20, 2019

Thoughts On Turning 50, A Spring Break… And New Horizons


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You’d be forgiven for thinking that I’d finally hit a full on mid-life crisis by including the words turning 50 and spring break in the same blog post title.

Don’t worry, I’m not heading down to Florida with a string bikini as in the Elizabeth, Spring Break Woo Hoo! scene from Friends. Although that episode is right up there with some of my all time favourite Ross moments. But more on the break part in a moment…

So on the 16th May I finally turned 50. I know. I bet you’ll be as excited as me because for you, that means no more of me banging on about it A N Y M O R E !  Although I can’t promise that for sure.

Because 50 feels like a big deal.

Forty was a big deal… and if I hadn’t made it such a big deal, I probably wouldn’t have this blog. So… big deals all the way then!



I was SO excited about this milestone birthday. I’m embracing it wholeheartedly and (as yet), I feel no apprehension about this next chapter at all. I say as yet because I don’t think you should ever rule out that unexpected, flip you on your head moment in this life. Particularly when you throw a few hormones into the mix for good measure.

But in the here and now it’s all good.

I’ve had a few [coughs] celebrations planned throughout May with still more to come and there will be champagne and dancing on the table aplenty. Well maybe not dancing on the table but never say never.

And it all culminates in Patrick and I flying to Italy at the end of the month to spend two days in Milan and two more in Lake Como. A trip that’s been simmering away in my mind for about five years so yeah… there’s excited and then there’s me.

This month is also the blog’s birthday too.. eleven years old to be precise. That’s a whole lot of content, coffee and comments let me tell ya! And I love it as much today as I did all those years ago when I excitedly (and somewhat nervously) pressed publish on a tiny corner of the internet called 39 And Counting.

I’m going to try and avoid getting watery-eyed on you and list the highlights of what sharing stories online and building my own creative business has taught me. I’ve probably done that one at least ten times before and certainly, more recently here and here should you be after a meander down memory lane.



some thoughts on turning 50…

Instead I want to share what fifty feels like for me.

My thoughts on the subject have been growing since before I hit 49 and they keep coming back to the words evolve and embrace.

It’s about being age positive and loving the life I already live, the woman I am and the skin I’m in.

Fifty feels like acceptance and rebellion at the same time. Acceptance of what life throws my way from here on in but rebellion against the ingrained standards of what life was once supposed to look like by the time you reached this half-century point.

In many ways, its unashamedly about self.

Self-acceptance, self-awareness and self-care too. I think by the time you reach fifty you’re more than entitled to centre back in on yourself, given that up until this point, you’ll have most likely spent a lot of time taking care of and nurturing others. With still plenty more yet to do.



It’s about learning to unashamedly and unabashedly be myself and stick with what I know and love. They say you should find your niche in blogging but don’t forget to first nail down what the hell your niche in life is.

Absorb inspiration but exercise caution when it comes to influence and accidental osmosis.

Fifty feels like a good time to simplify. It feels like the best time to devote more to creativity and things that make my soul happy. Isn’t that the one on Pinterest where they say, whatever it is, do that?

I plan on doing exactly that.


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen mention of a project I’ve been working on. One that’s been giving me life, has felt invigorating to get my teeth into and is very much connected in fresh starts and new beginnings.

In order to devote some more time to this new horizon (because it’s coming soon-ish!), I’m taking a blog break for a few weeks and when I come back, I can tell you more about it.

If you’re already signed up to receive Online Stylist blog post updates to your inbox then you’ll be the first to know exactly what that new horizon looks like as I’ll be sending out a newsletter ahead of the official landing.

Do horizons land or do they just quietly appear?

Anyhoo… If you’re not already signed up yet but now you just can’t resist being let in on it a bit earlier, you can sign up here!


Whilst I’ll be taking a blog break, I’ll still be showing up on Instagram so feel free to come over and chat, say Hi, follow the adventures of this month or just raise a glass of my favourite champagne with me. Veuve Clicquot if you were wondering!

Thank you as ever for coming here, reading my words and supporting my corner of this online world. The genuine connections and friendships I’ve made via the blog, on Instagram and in person have been the most unexpected but the most welcomed and appreciated part of all of this.

Have a fabulous few weeks ahead and I’ll see you on the other side!

Much love,
Amanda xx

p.s. I got the tattoo!

O U T F I T  D E T A I L S *

Cashmere Scarf – Lois Avery

Photography: Charlotte Bryer-Ash


3 comments on “Thoughts On Turning 50, A Spring Break… And New Horizons”

  1. Happy 50th birthday Amanda. I love how you’ve been celebrating it wit such determined enthusiasm!

    I absolutely understand the reasons for a blogging break. I do. But I’m so going to miss your posts over the next few weeks. They’re part of my Monday morning routine! (Making that sound way more organised than it really is!) I’m looking forward to its return and what you do next.

    1. Ah lovely Denyse – thank you so much!
      Determined enthusiasm would definitely be one way to describe the celebrations – I love that!
      I’m thrilled to know you’ll be here when I get back – thank you! And I’m looking forward to bringing this next horizon to fruition so I can continue to be part of your Monday morning routine! Until then, have a lovely few weeks!
      A xx

  2. Happy 50th birthday Amanda! I turned 49 on the same day and avidly read your blog. Can’t wait to see what your next adventure brings. Anne x

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