October 04, 2018

Things To Do In October

autumnal flat lay with pumpkins and leaves

a very autumnal Things to do in October list!

Buy white pumpkins (I love the small Baby Boo variety) and dot them around the house. They seem to be becoming more popular and therefore a bit easier to get hold of year upon year. I mentioned here that my “Pumpkin Fixer” (it’s a thing – you need to get one asap!) is my local florist so that’s always a good starting point.

Plan something for Halloween. I know it’s a cliche and maybe something you thought you should do if you have kids (or if like me you are the big kid!) but it’s becoming more of a thing every year so you may as well embrace it as a new tradition. Grown ups like Halloween parties too!

Which brings me nicely onto… make Halloween inspired cocktails if you do nothing else! Or try these Pumpkin Spice Espresso Martinis. You couldn’t get any more autumnal if you tried!

Make soup – all the soups – especially pumpkin soup of course. And should you have plenty of carving attempt leftovers, there’s Pumpkin Risotto and Pumpkin Pie too. Yup…. its Pumpkin Central here every October!

Find a pub in the countryside with a log fire, take a book or a newspaper and sit there until you get that warm glow. That could of course be the lunchtime wine…

Make an autumnal play list – this is mine – Season Of Cosy. This of course is just the warm up for Michael Bublé’s Christmas album but best not to mention that just yet…

Be a kid again and make toffee apples. This recipe makes me come over all Bake Off with talk of getting the toffee to the “hard crack” stage. I also love the sound of this toffee apple cocktail.

Buy autumnal flowers and foliage and distribute about the house. I love the simplicity and fragrance of eucalyptus and am currently staring at a giant vase of it on the dining table. Minimal autumn perfection!

Scent your home with your favourite autumn/winter inspired fragrances – and don’t forget the candle in a jar on the landing or stairs trick.

things to do in October

Watch When Harry Met Sally. I know this movie is set over a number of years and seasons but I always think of New York in the Fall when I think of this one. And of course, there’s You’ve Got Mail too. You can’t watch one without the other.

Make the best of the darker evenings by sitting down with a book or start something new like learning to knit. Call me old fashioned (or just plain old!) but the thought of sitting down in front of the fire and knitting sounds like the perfect thing to do to shut off a busy mind. My most favourite purveyor of chunky knits, Lauren Aston sells her own DIY knit kits – you could be the proud owner of your own chunky knit blanket by Christmas!

Pick apples and bake an apple crumble. I’ll have mine with custard please!

October is the perfect time for a weekend getaway. With summer vacation season out of the way, you’re more likely to find a last minute bargain now – just avoid half-term week. Think of it as the perfect treat-to-self stop gap between summer and the holiday season – even just the one night is enough to help hit the reset button before the onslaught of winter.

Find a farm shop or famers market and go shopping there for all the things you might need for Sunday dinner. There’s something even better about a Sunday roast when you’ve picked the ingredients up from a farm shop.

What would you add to your Things To Do In October list?

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