July 02, 2018

Things To Do In July

things to do in july

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embracing the seasons | things to do in July

Head for the coast. But get there before everyone else. If you live near the beach, head down early in the morning or as the evening sun sets. If you need to make a car journey, getting up early is so worth it to avoid the crowds and claim your spot.

Visit a lavender farm when the purple haze is in full splendour. As above, I would think an early start will prove fruitful when it comes to capturing beautiful photographs without crowds of people.

Make overnight oats with rosewater and cardamom. I tried a recipe from Self-Care For The Real World by Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips and this recipe is similar too. It has a gorgeous refreshing taste that transports you somewhere far away. Not bad for the first meal of the day.

Watch back to back episodes of Dawson’s Creek – it has the perfect summer waterside vibe. Mind you, I would tell you it has the perfect vibe whatever the month we were in!

Browse Pinterest for all things summer inspiration and if you don’t yet have a summer (or set of summer!) boards, get pinning. Try collating some summer style pics for outfit inspiration, outdoor living ideas and summer recipes as a starter for ten.

Give your social media hangouts a good spruce up. By this I mean unfollow any accounts that don’t inspire… or worse still, annoy the cr*p out of you every time you happen across them. Life is too short to be irritated by endless pics of someone’s bronzed butt on a beach or continual rantings on the subject of… EVERYTHING! I require more substance and positivity these days – there’s an unfollow button and we’re all allowed to use it without fear of recrimination.

Have another declutter. Yes another one. Go on I dare you! I recently wrote here that existing in a haze of summer heat feels like the perfect time to shed anything that you deem unnecessary. I’ve spoken to several people who are in a continual loop of doing this…. and we all agree how damn good it feels. When the going gets tough, some people life to cook. I like to de-clutter.


Head to your nearest farm shop or market, buy *all* the summer berries and make a summer pudding. Mr OS makes an awesome one and this season, he’s promised me one made with brioche bread. This makes me very happy.

And if you have left over berries, experiment with summer smoothies to find flavours that you love. When the weather is this hot, an ice old smoothie with zing is just the ticket. Or freeze the mixture into lolly moulds for healthy snacking. Smoothie lolly/summer pudding made from brioche… its all about the balance!

Stop doing things you don’t want to do or really don’t have the time for. I mentioned exactly why here but a mid-year check in with your positive intentions is always a good idea and a prompt to hit reset if needed.

Walk barefoot around your garden or if you don’t have one, find an outside space that you love and wiggle your toes in the grass when you can. I read here (and also in the Self-Care For The Real World book too ) about Grounding. It feels like a wonderful earthy connection to do this on the deck, at the beach in the sand and for me, even just padding about on wooden floors at home makes me feel better.

Zhoosh up your daily H2o intake by adding different fruits or herbs to a jug of iced water. I love cucumber and mint, strawberries and mint (basically mint with everything!) and berries and basil too. It makes staying hydrated much more interesting.

What’s on your things to do in July list? Feel to leave a comment below!


4 comments on “Things To Do In July”

  1. Beach, lavender and Dawson’s Creek! I blame you for the last one – never seen it before and as they’re showing reruns…

  2. Great recommendations Amanda. Just wish I had a beach so close to me.
    Like you suggested I have been doing some major “purging” and also reviewing my skincare and make-up.
    Enjoy the month Amanda x

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