April 01, 2018

Things To Do In April

things to do in april

embracing the seasons | things to do in april

Go on a blossom hunt with your camera and capture as many beautiful pink and white blooms as you can.

Use up all the leftover Easter chocolate in some of these recipes. They come with the bonus of keeping The Smalls busy in the holidays too.

Eat asparagus – it’s in season. Dip it into the perfect boiled egg… which by the way, Mr OS told me the secret to recently. Prick the top of the egg with a pin and drop it into boiling water & cook for five or six minutes depending on how runny you like it. I have existed 47 years without knowing this.

Try your hand at decorating (hardboiled this time) eggs in the Easter school holidays – mine would, of course, look a little something like this.

Put on your wellies and splash in puddles… you just know there’ll be April showers so you may as well embrace them.

April is the month to plant sunflower seeds. By the summer you’ll have tall, smiley flowers. Just don’t forget to put in a wooden stake when they start to get tall. Says the voice of experience.

If gardening isn’t your thing, stock up on tulips and willow stems from the flower shop – they’re my spring favourites. I bought these for a shoot and their still going strong.

leopard print flats and white tulips wrapped in brown paper

Get your ankles out. It’s time!

Sit out in the garden one evening and drink a cold glass of Rosé now that the days are longer. Even if it means wrapping up in a blanket to do so. My favourite palest of pink varieties is Mirabeau.

Make watercress soup – these bunches of peppery loveliness are at their peak this month. I prefer to make it a happy mix of healthy and indulgent by following Gordon Ramsay’s example and serve it over goats cheese. Cheese. With. Everything.

Take a book and a flask of tea to the beach or your favourite quiet, open space, find a sheltered spot out of the wind and read for a couple of hours.

Ask yourself why you’re on the social media platforms you’re on. Which ones bring you the most joy and what do you go to them for? I love Instagram and Pinterest the most and I spend time on both in search of inspiration, life stories, happiness and creativity. If you don’t have to be on the others for business… ditch them. Now there’s a thought.

Throw a weekend brunch for one, two… or more. Put fresh flowers on the table, make a batch of mimosas and put on a Sunday morning playlist in the background.


Feel free to leave any of your own suggestions for more things to in April in the comments below!

An Easter Holiday Scheduling Note

School holidays (and the small matter of a certain H turning 13 tomorrow!) are now in full swing so I’ll be taking a break from posting here for the next two weeks. As well as taking some time off, I’ll be using my work hours to create lots of lovely content for the new season ahead. To ensure you don’t miss out, you can subscribe via email here to receive new posts direct to your inbox.

And as ever, I’ll be over on Instagram in amongst all the hot cross bun action!

Wishing you a wonderful break and see you on the other side!

Amanda xx

S T Y L E  C R E D I T S :   Flowers – Arcade Flowers | Leopard Print Flats (old) Boden : love these! | Jeans – J.Crew

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    1. Ah! This makes sense as to why when I did it the other day, a tiny stream of egg white leaked out! But… which way is the top? The pointy bit or the rounded bit??
      Egg confusion!
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