June 16, 2017

The Importance Of Having Time To Create

the importance of creativity in blogging

Why You Should Find The Time To Create

Last week felt like one of those wading through treacle weeks.

You know the ones. You begin with the best laid plans, a carefully crafted To Do list and a new found balance (finally!) between completing your immediate priorities and getting around to some tasks you’ve been meaning to do. Forever.

And then the same old shizzle happens. One of the tasks you thought you could complete in one day ends up taking two and half days. On top of that, an unexpected freelance deadline lands in your lap. With approximately 48 hours to complete it.

Jitters, life…& frown lines

Oh and you haven’t created any blog content for over a week and the jitters are starting to set in. You’re soon going to be launching your newly re-branded blog and you didn’t really want to disappear off the face of the content earth ahead of this momentous event.

Let alone the admin, organisation tasks and new content planning that you wanted to complete before the launch. Oh yeah. And that other thing called family life. Lets not forget that.

You get to Friday. The frown lines have deepened. You’re not sleeping well and you feel like you’ve completely lost your mojo. What the hell happened to skipping to the desk in the morning humming the “I love my job” mantra in your head?

blogging from a laptop

how time to create can make you happy

Sound like anyone you know? You? Me?

My light dawns on marble head moment came on Thursday afternoon whilst chatting on the phone to a journalist about why I love Instagram so much. Wait. Thats it!

I miss Instagram!

I mean I have been Instagramming these past few weeks (apologies for all the Majorca palm tree spam! 🌴), but I haven’t actually created the kind of Instagram imagery I truly love to create when the moment strikes.

Or to sit and let myself be inspired by all the imagery out there and on Pinterest. Happening upon images that provide me with ideas for content.

Or to sit down and get into that glorious writing flow of a L O N G blog post. Again – apologies. I think you’re about to get one of those now!

amanda start online stylist blogger

These are the ways in which I like to create. This some kind of wonderful digital world that I inhabit for many of my waking hours has reached deep down to my core and unleashed a form of creativity in me. One I didn’t even know that I had.

I used to think that being creative had to mean painting, drawing, cooking, writing a story, sewing, knitting etc. Or actually making a physical, hold it in your hand thing. But I’ve come to realise that it comes in so many other forms too.

Without words there are no blogs.
And without images, there’s no Instagram.

Regardless of what you do and whatever you consider that form of creativity to be, if you don’t take the time to do it or soak up the inspiration around you to store in your creativity bank for later, life can all of a sudden feel pretty damn dull.

In particular, if you work in a creative field and you haven’t felt that buzz for a while that comes with it, how can you expect to give your best efforts to your job? And get good results?

Without words there are no blog posts. And without images, there’s no Instagram feed.

styling an instagram flat lay on marble contact paper

On the Instagram post in which I mentioned my revelation, lots of you were in agreement.

Laura from Hero mentioned that she actually worked far more productively and efficiently once she’d taken some time out to take some pictures for Instagram recently. Her other point here about dropping a deadline where you can makes perfect sense too.

Sometimes the deadline belongs to someone else so you have no choice but to meet it but what about those we impose on ourselves?

Dwell longer in the moment…

And I loved the analogy from @the_vintage_home about how your artistic output allows you to dwell longer in those small lovely moments that you’re capturing.

If ever there was a time when we all need to dwell longer in life’s lovelier moments then surely its now?

online stylist photographing a flat lay

when your dog photobombs your flat lay photography

One of the most challenging things I find about working for myself is how to divide up my time so that all the aspects of the business receive the right amount of focus.

I found this theory on Jen Carrington’s blog on the importance of being both CEO and Employee in your own company to be so on the money – I urge you to read it now!

I definitely fall too far into the Employee camp too often and need to devote more time to CEO mode. Jen suggests scheduling a CEO day each month to plan and strategise so this is what I’m doing from now on.

To that I would definitely add a third component – creative time. And whilst creativity probably feels like something you should do on impulse, perhaps we need to schedule in time for that too.

Maybe thats where the right balance lies?

This blog post from my friend and yep lets face it, all round guru, Monica, about how going with the flow can help you to take the stress out of work was another revelation for me this week.

I swear she knows when I’m flipping out and writes something to send out into the universe to restore calm!

over to you!

Have you ever found yourself “stuck” in this situation and what made you realise that you’d been lacking time to create?

Also, what do you do to unleash your creative energy? Enquiring (creative) minds want to know!

p.s. Biscuit asked me to let you know that she is available for all your flat lay photobombing requirements should you need her… 🐶  📷

Photography: Sarah Lou Francis

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