April 25, 2016

The Four Killer Questions I Dread & My Responses

killer questions

what happened to live in the moment?

Are there certain questions that you dread being asked? You know the ones – the killer questions. The ones that when asked, you’re supposed to nod eagerly and recite verbatim, your long term goals and ambitions and then wait for a suitably approving nod of affirmation?

My killer questions would look a bit like this…

  1. So, ultimately, what do you want to achieve?
  2. What’s your end game?
  3. Where do you see yourself and the blog in five years?
  4. What would be the pinnacle of success for The Online Stylist?

My answers would probably be something along these lines…

  1. Um…more of this if that’s okay? Still being here, happy and fulfilled.
  2. I’m sorry…my end what now? I don’t want it to end. Can I keep going?
  3. Five years older and hopefully five years wiser.
  4. I haven’t a clue and wouldn’t that suggest I’d peaked? I’d rather keep ploughing on than peak.

Whether you apply it to blogging or any work/life goals, I think it’s okay not to be the ambitious one with a never-ending To Do list of what seem like insurmountable goals just waiting to be ticked off.

What happened to live in the moment? The world needs those who are happy to plough on contentedly as much as it does the fiercely ambitious folk. I guess it all comes down to how you measure success.

monochrome blogging flat lay

Short term planning for the next couple of months is where you’ll find me…

I’ve come to realise that my own barometer responds to a little positive self-imposed pressure here, a satisfying sense of achievement there, the occasional episode of feeling the fear and doing it anyway and a huge dollop of loving what I do so much, I could sometimes burst.

That’s what makes me feel successful, proud, fulfilled and suitably challenged enough to not worry about the next five years. Or the five after that.

In my own blogging terms that translates to keeping on creating the content here that readers will hopefully love, continuing to curate a beautiful Instagram feed, enjoying experiences that I never thought I’d get to experience and having the time time to sit back and appreciate all of those things without continuously rushing onward to see what’s next.

Short term planning for the next couple of months is where you’ll find me. Weekly To Do lists are my catnip, daily scheduling floats my boat and don’t even get me started on the joy to be found in planning the next three tonal images for my Instagram feed. Bliss!

Do you dread the five year plan/end game questions and if so, how do you fend them off?

6 comments on “The Four Killer Questions I Dread & My Responses”

  1. I detest those questions for much the same reasons you do! I don’t have a way to gracefully respond so I end up stumbling all over myself to try and answer.

  2. Amanda I just love this post! It actually filled me with joy to read your words about ‘living in the moment’ – getting to know you as I have, I know how true these words are for you, and I look on to what you’ve achieved with so much admiration!

    I think you are doing an AWESOME job and I shall happily follow you for the next day, week and five years!

    Your post reminds me of our Elgin Avenue Mantra Of The Week > “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things.” – Kurt Vonnegut

    Sounds like you’ve already got that bit nailed : )! Keep it up!

    Love, Monica x

    1. Monica – thank you so much! Am so glad you liked the post and you’re right – there’s so much to be said for living in the moment.
      Coming from someone I admire so very much, your support means a lot and if ever I’m in need of motivation or some inspiration, I always visit your blog and Instagram feed – its all right there in spades!
      So glad to know you!
      Amanda xx

  3. I couldn’t agree more. As I’ve got older I’ve found it easier to live in the moment. I’m less driven by achieving life goals and ticking things off lists and am more content to just enjoy the here and now.

    Who knows whether blogs will still even exist 5 years from now, and if they do how much will they have changed to adapt to new forms of social media and technology like VR?

    I couldn’t possibly have predicted all the opportunities blogging has opened up for me 5 years ago. I just feel incredibly lucky to be doing something I love.

    I really enjoyed this post, and loved your answers.

    1. Thank you Helen – everything you say here makes total sense and am nodding furiously in agreement! Not always thinking about the next steps also gives you a little more head space to realise what you actually have achieved too and reflect on it. And as you say, when some of those experiences are totally amazing and you can’t believe you got to have them, it would be a shame not to reflect on them!

      Have a lovely long weekend!

      Amanda xx

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