March 25, 2015

The Dressing Room Project – Before & After Snapshots

Just over a year ago Mr OLS and I started talking about how we could make best use of the space in our spare bedroom.

I think the conversation probably started with another imagining of what it would be like to have a walk in wardrobe (me) followed by a reminder that we live in a modest, three-bed house in the New Forest which doesn’t really leave much scope for such things (him)… and this isn’t Sex And The City.

Wanting to retain space for when guests stay over we decided the best option was to turn it into a dressing room/quiet escape room complete with sofa bed for occasional sleep over visitors.

With said sofa bed finally chosen, having balked at the price quoted by a local bespoke wardrobe design company, we turned our closet storage space thoughts to trusty IKEA.

The pine furniture we bought when we got engaged and the olive green shade that Mr painted whilst I was pregnant with JC.

A Farrow & Ball colour choice saga (Hardwick White won in the end) and temporary rail storage in our room – aka The Dumping Ground!

Opting for the customisable PAX system with high-gloss FARDAL push opening doors, Mr OLS worked out just how many units we could fit into what is quite an awkward shaped room, leaving enough space for it not to fill too cramped.

The fun part was choosing all the internal storage although trying to figure out exactly what would go from our current cupboard and drawer mish-mash into the new space was something of a challenge!

And lets not mention how many shades of Farrow & Ball grey we looked at before finally deciding – let’s just say it was a similar amount to a particular movie staring Jamie Dornan.

The expert hard at work – even seeing the undercoat go on was a complete joy. 

The dog “helped” on many occasions whilst my role was to document the stages, provide snacks and endless tea and coffee and to sometimes supervise…

In terms of Before snaps, in my excitement at getting the go-ahead, I didn’t manage to capture the room exactly as it was with the old bed in situ but you get the idea from the photos here.

After a couple of weeks of minor upheaval as we removed old furniture, decorated and moved things back and forth from room to room in order to make room, I’ve ended up with what I think is the most beautiful space in which to “visit the clothes”.

You didn’t think I’d leave it at just the one Sex And The City closet reference did you?

Apart from the bonus of more and better organised storage, if I had to pick favourite elements of the room they’d be the light that floods in and bounces off all the white surfaces, pull out shoe racks, sensor lights that come on when you open wardrobe doors and the jewellery organiser tray.

Can you say Storage Geek?

A Few Interior Views…

There are a few things to finish off and I’m still coming up with ways to store things appropriate to garment and care required so the dressing room might be popping up as subject matter from time to time.

And that’s without getting started on seasonal change overs and necessary edits!

So if you need me, this is where you’ll find me. Seems I’m not the only one…

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26 comments on “The Dressing Room Project – Before & After Snapshots”

  1. OMG this is wonderful!! I have a spare room crying out for a makeover like this…If I start crying maybe my Mr C will make me happy 🙂
    Was if difficult choosing all the storage ?
    You are a lucky girl xx

    1. Do it!! We talked about it for ages and saved for a while but so worth it. It was complicated to work out what you need but best thing is to go to an IKEA store with room dimensions as a first job and take a look and take iPhone snaps. Seeing the closets made up in store with different interiors makes it easier when you come to order online. They also offer a design service I think so could be worth a try? Good luck! xx

  2. absolutely stunning ….. I’m about to do my spare room and you’ve made me rethink the doors on our pax – I’ve got matt white.. I NEED gloss!

  3. Oh, Amanda! I am so behind on my blog reading of late, but I saw this post pop up on my Bloglovin’ feed and just had to take a peek! (Yes, I’m very nosy when it comes to other people’s wardrobes).

    Your new dressing room is just gorgeous! You (and Mr OLS, of course!) have done such a lovely job – congratulations, I’m not surprised you just want to hang out in there. I loved seeing the before photos too, it’s comforting to see where you started from and how you turned it into a magazine-worthy space, I can only imagine that you have inspired a multitude of women to start planning their own dressing room – IKEA are going to be wondering what’s prompted the sudden increase in wardrobe and storage sales! Enjoy. xx

    1. I think we all love a good nose around other people’s wardrobes – I’m constantly devouring such articles and blog posts! Thanks so much Esther – Mr OLS must take all the building and decorating credit – he worked really hard. I loved what we could do on a reasonable budget from IKEA and the transformation factor was SO satisfying…especially seeing the pics side by side. Pity I’m not on commission with IKEA! 😉 But in all seriousness, really happy to provide inspiration for anyone looking to have that magical dressing and storage space without a huge investment! xxx

  4. Looks wonderful. We don’t have space for a dressing room so our wardrobes are in the main bedroom – it’s a challenge fitting everything in! Which is why I love reading about wardrobe storage! Btw like the sofa bed – was that Ikea too?

  5. LOOOOOOOVE this! And I adore the colour! I’m looking for the right shade(s) of grey for my new office/girly space and seriously considering addressing the storage disaster which my clothes are having to endure so this post is very timely 🙂 You are the queen of style and also of making other people jealous…in a good way 😉 xxx

    1. Thanks Carole! The shade of grey has to be spot on doesn’t it – some of the others we tried were too cold but this changes with the light. You can’t beat a bit of IKEA for storage solutions in my book. Good luck with your overhaul and loving the sound of the office/girly space. The very opposite of Mr OLS’s Man Cave aka the garage! xx

  6. Having spent 20odd years being outnumbered by the boys, when our sons moved out I got to have the Dressing Room I always wanted. Carrie Bradshaw and I go way back! it’s my quite Haven of girly things and I love it.
    I’m so OCD about it even my hangers all match. ☺️

    1. This is fab – it doesn’t matter how long you wait and in fact I think it might make it more exciting! I need to get my hangers sorted too but lots of time for that. I wish you many happy hours spent in your girly haven! xx

  7. Very nice – looks like our bedroom but with less wardrobes?! Its a spare room with your clothes in surely? Lol

    Real dressing rooms tend not to have doors on the wardrobes either so you can see and select wih more ease x

    1. Yes indeed it is a spare room with clothes in…and the place I go to get dressed. And hang out with the clothes! We also wanted it to be a chill out space and having clothes on display wouldn’t have worked. This does and I love it!

  8. I love your Dressing Room! This is such a beautifully organised and laid out space. I am sure you will escape there often when you need some peace. I am also impressed that you & Mr OLS are such an excellent team. I do think that you should rent out your services to those of us in desperate need of some clothes organisation. Enjoy! Xxx

    1. Thanks J! Can you imagine what a great job that would be?? Organising other people’s storage – I’d be in Monica from Friends heaven! I know there are companies out there who offer it – which is perhaps a good thing otherwise I might have to consider a career change! xxx

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