February 02, 2018

Anticipating The New Season With Spring Scented Candles

spring scented candles

waiting for spring to arrive

flood your home with spring scents

spring scented candle favourites

Yesterday saw the arrival of February (can I get a HUGE Woot Woot here?!) and so naturally, my thoughts are already turning to spring. In all honesty they did that three weeks ago but you know my next season anticipation tendencies well enough by now.

This is the time when, after all the spicy, warming, pine infused scents of Christmas, I love to bring in a sense of the new season by introducing a few spring scented candles into our home.

That and undertaking one almighty de-clutter and refresh. Which by the way is still ongoing.

C A N D L E S  M A K E  M Y  S E N S E S  C O M E  A L I V E . . .

I’m a year-round candle kinda gal but always like to switch up the scents according to season.

I’ll generally have one lit whilst I work at home and on the weekends, I like to light them in various places around the house. Especially if we have guests – whether they’re staying for dinner or just popping in for coffee.

When I walk into a house or room that smells wonderful, I know how it makes all my senses come alive so I love creating that same vibe for any visitors Chez Online Stylist.

So here’s my round-up of some favourite spring scented candles I’ve been burning lately.

Brighter, more fragrant days are just around the corner…

the white company cashmere candle perfect for spring

T H E  W H I T E  C O M P A N Y  –  C A S H M E R E  S I G N A T U R E  C A N D L E

Well it’s pretty obvious that I’d be keen to try out any candle that evokes cashmere in a fragrance form! So when The White Company asked me if I’d like to create some Instagram content for them centred around their new addition, it was a definite Hell To The Yeah!

I find this fragrance intriguing – to me it feels like a scent you can touch… which is at it should be.

Next on my list to buy as the days continue to get longer? Their Linen and Spring fragrances of course.

And speaking of things you want to touch, that cashmere scarf you see up there – that’s my new Lois Avery Classic in Cappuccino. She and I are in love and you can count on seeing lots more of us together.

Baies candle by Diptyque for spring

D I P T Y Q U E  –  B A I E S

An old favourite but I can’t help think of this whenever I think of a spring candle.

Mr OS bought me my first ever Diptyque candle for Mother’s Day when I was pregnant with H – it was Baies.

Ever since then, I begin craving it’s blackcurranty, rose infused goodness the minute we pack away the Christmas decorations.

Minimal scented candles for spring

M A I S O N  L O U I S  M A R I E  –  N O . 4  B O I S  D E  B A L I N C O U R T

This one I picked up in December whilst browsing in The Hambledon in Winchester. It’s by Maison Louis Marie and naturally, it’s stark, minimal appearance was a big pull-in for me.

They have a whole range of gorgeous scents and I honestly found it hard to choose.

Unsurprisingly I ended up with one that had undertones of Baies but is a little more spicy rather than fruity. No. 04 Bois De Ballincourt has notes of sandalwood, cedar wood, vetiver and cinnamon running through it but to me, the overall effect is more spring than winter.

Hence why I packed it away as a post Holiday Season pick me up.

Jo loves personalised Pomelo candle for Mothers Day

J O  L O V E S  –  P O M E L O

A candle with a fragrance I’ve come to adore so much that it has my name on it!

I was waxing lyrical (pun fully intended) here about the amazing blends created by fragrance genius, Jo Malone and Pomelo remains one of my zingy fresh favourites.

For Mother’s Day this year, Jo Loves are offering a personalised candle service in their Elizabeth Street store in Belgravia. I was thrilled to receive my own personal Pomelo candle recently – there’s no better scent to evoke the arrival of spring than this one as far as I’m concerned.

Donna Ida Candle Ive got my eye on you

D O N N A  I D A  –  I ‘ V E  G O T  M Y  E Y E  O N  Y O U

From Denim Diva Donna Ida’s own lifestyle range comes a candle with a cheeky name – “I’ve Got My Eye On You”. I don’t know why but I can imagine Donna saying this!

Well I’ve definitely got my nose on her blend of fresh tomato leaf, fig, cassis and baise wood… and I want more!

Ananas Passion Flower and pineapple candle

E L I Z A B E T H  S C A R L E T T  –  A N A N A S  C A N D L E

Hands up who doesn’t love pineapple? I adore both the fresh fruit itself and the now infamous, summery symbol of a gazillion Instagram feeds.

The Elizabeth Scarlett Ananas Passion Flower & Pineapple candle smells like tropical heaven and quite frankly, I think we could all do with a bit of tropical heaven right now!

I’m fairly sure that if I light this, spring will be here in about… oooh… half an hour…

Apart from incorporating seasonal candle scents, there are a few other ways I like to anticipate the onset of spring too….

fresh flowers

I’ve been known to start checking the supermarket for white tulips on January 1st – I feel like it’s essential to start the year off with a nod to one of my favourite spring blooms.

Open Windows

On sunnier, lighter mornings, I’ll wrap up in a cosy bath robe and throw up the bathroom window whilst applying make up and enjoying that first coffee. Hearing the birds singing makes me smile and have faith that winter is almost over.

Fresh Air

I said it here and I’ll say it again, getting outside more is essential. If only to avoid that “festering indoors” feeling as Mr OS so accurately, but somewhat disturbingly puts it!


In the process of my (ongoing) wardrobe edit, I’ve been “shopping” my own closet and putting together new combinations of outfits to wear ready for the warmer weather. If you fancy a look, hop on over to my Instagram profile where you can catch the Stories highlights of my endeavours!

Do you enjoy new rituals as spring approaches and do you have any favourite home scents or candles that evoke the new season?

STYLE CREDITS:   Bag – The Cambridge Satchel Company  |  White Lacquer Tray – The White Company   |  Candle Wick Trimmer – DiptyqueCashmere Candle – The White Company c/o  |  Classic Cashmere Scarf in Cappuccino  – Lois Avery c/o | Baies Candle – Diptyque  | Maison Louis Marie Candle – The Hambledon  | Jo Loves Pomelo Candle c/o  | Dress Scandinavian by Pernille Teisbaek  | Hourglass Timer – HAY  | Donna Ida Candle c/o  | Ananas Candle – Elizabeth Scarlett c/o

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  1. I just got into Donna Ida’s candle before Chrimbo – spookily just refreshed my stock yesterday too!! It’s a gorgeous fragrance – makes my kitchen smell quite posh!! xxx

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