March 18, 2016

Ten White Shirts You Should Spend Your Money On

I know. White shirts that you should invest in…not exactly rocket science is it? Everyone knows they’re pretty much top of the list when it comes to the style staples you need to own.

But I’m often asked about where I would recommend buying that elusive “really great white shirt” from and my answer always depends on how much you want to spend and what do you primarily want the shirt to do?

I mean I’ve yet to find a shirt that will do your cleaning and cook your dinners for you but that’s not quite what I meant.

Do you want a classic, loose fit, go anywhere style? Do you already own a couple of really good classics and would now like to add something with a little more pizazz into the equation? Over-sized sleeves are my current obsession – see yesterday’s post and this style steal from M&S.

Do you want it to double as beach cover-up or were you thinking of a silky number for understated cocktail quaffing style?

Take a look at my top ten white shirts below for something to, quite literally, cover every occasion…

During my search I found shirts with extra long sleeves for extra impact, subtle ruffles, one that would definitely get you noticed by the street style paps…and lets not forget a tux number for added style points.

But if all that feels like white shirt overload, you could do worse than buy this ASOS Boyfriend shirt for just £25. Feels like a good place to start!

1 Totême | 2 Baukjen | 3 ASOS | 4 Jil Sander | 5 ASOS | 6 Palmer//Harding | 7 CO  | 8 Dolce & Gabbana | 9 Baukjen | 10 Marks & Spencer

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Header Image Photo By Marlene Lee

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