January 27, 2016

Tea Time In Good Taste

tea breaks and new booksIn line with this year’s mantra of taking frequent breaks and not chaining myself to my desk for seven hours straight, I’ve recently been making a bit of a ritual of enjoying an afternoon cup of tea.

Rather than a quick run to the kettle followed by downing said beverage whilst plodding onwards, I’m slowly getting into the habit of stopping for a proper break whilst the kettle boils.

Even just staring out the window for five minutes helps to clear my head and when I’m feeling really generous, I allow myself a quick flip through a favourite coffee table book.

Accompanying my tea time down time episodes of late have been these prettily delicious Biscuiteers beauties and yet another recent Kate Spade acquisition, the All In Good Taste book.

Biscuiteers and kate spade book

butterfly biscuits on a marble tray

A while ago, Biscuiteers asked me if I wanted to try out some sugary gorgeousness from their gluten free range and out of sheer curiosity and a constant craving for something sweet, I said yes.

I have a couple of friends who absolutely have to go gluten free and will be telling them about these – I honestly couldn’t taste the difference from their normal range. You’ll notice I said telling and not sharing. Between JC and I, biscuits that taste this good and look that pretty don’t last very long in this house!

As for the Kate Spade book, it’s a joy to read. It covers some good old fashioned values like entertaining, wining and dining, style and manners, all with a delightful modern twist.

gluten free biscuits

Butterfly Gluten Free Biscuits – Biscuiteers | Marble Tray – Oliver Bonas | Monogrammed Mug – Anthropologie | Kate Spade Book – Amazon

Although I think it’s fair to say, most bloggers (and I include myself in this) would say they had possibly fallen at letter i of the ettiquette alphabet – Instagram at the table. Ahem…

You can order Biscuiteers treats here and the Kate Spade, All In Good Taste coffee table book here.

Butterfly Gluten Free biscuits kindly provided c/o Biscuiteers.


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