June 26, 2018

Summer Vacation Packing List

summer vacation packing list

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summer vacation packing list

Four favourite words in my vocabulary right now…

Words that for me, provide a license for cotton, linen, cut off denim and every conceivable form of straw tote and basket bag you might lay eyes on.

I’m eternally grateful that I no longer go on the kind of vacation that requires a great deal of logistical planning around “Going Out” outfits and begs the question, how many pairs of heels is too many?

You’ll be lucky if you find me wearing any kind of shoes on a summer holiday now.

My own vacations have resulted in the invention of new garments that I’m fairly certain if I designed and marketed them, would sell out in an instant.

I always need Plane Pants. A kind of trouser-ish garment that you wear to travel – they don’t constrict, look subtly stylish and have not one whiff of anything closely resembling Brit Abroad.

Then there’s the Breakfast Dress – the one you pull on to roll out of bed and wear to pad, bleary-eyed toward the inviting smell of coffee on the veranda.

And don’t forget your Sundowner Slip. This is the one that goes on post pool day shower and is perfect for wearing to sip Rosé and eat pistachios whilst the sun sets behind the mountain. You’ll have brought along a number of these with you but invariably end up sticking to the same one all week.

Oh wait… I’m confusing you with me…


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where are you going this summer… and what will you be packing?

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3 comments on “Summer Vacation Packing List”

  1. I feel equipped to wade in on this topic as I’ve lived in a warm climate for 20 years and have just returned from a trip to the UK via Mauritius. My add ons:

    1. You mentioned denim cut offs – no one over 40 should wear these. Ever. Not even if you are Elle McPherson.
    2. Plane pants are a must- choose pants that don’t require a belt that will set off security alarms.
    3. Check dress codes – I was refused entry into the Qantas lounge for wearing Havianas very like the ones you feature. They have a no flip flops rule – even if the flip flops cost $50 and are encasing freshly pedicured feet.

    1. Hi Nicola!
      Your warm weather experience of 20 years definitely more than qualifies I would say! Oooh… re the denim cut-offs… I so love them in the summer. I tend not to think about the age number thing when it comes to what I wear – just whether it suits and also what I would wear them with. I love it when Elle McPherson rocks her denim cut offs! Very good point for the dress code in airport lounges too – sadly I don’t think our tiny Bournemouth airport where we’re flying to Majorca from this year will mind if I rock up in Havianas! And I can’t believe I forgot to put it in the post but a little cashmere for the flight is essential! Socks for feet and a scarf if it gets chilly!
      I hope your trip to Mauritius was truly wonderful!
      Amanda xx

      1. You are quite right Amanda – everyone should wear what they like and I’m cross with myself for being so ageist! After all, no one was more outraged than me when I read recently that apparently women should not wear jeans after the age of 53 (I’m 52 and have about a dozen pairs of jeans in various hues). I just think that one of the things women over 40 do well is to look effortlessly polished and well groomed. And denim cut offs don’t come into that category for me but I absolutely take your point.

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