April 03, 2017

Inspiration For A Stylish Easter

Stylish Easter Inspirations
Stylish Easter Inspirations

Ah Easter – you’ve always been a bit of strange holiday to me!

Not being religious and preferring cheese to chocolate means that Easter and I don’t have perhaps quite the relationship we could do.

Not that I think you need to be remotely religious to enjoy Easter but the chocolate overkill thing bugs the bejeepers out of me!

No one can eat that
much chocolate surely?

It’s a bit much when you have to go out and buy near on twenty Easter eggs and then your child receives twenty back. No one, I mean no one can eat that much chocolate surely? Now if they were made of cheese maybe…

Overbuying on the overpriced egg shaped confectionary aside, I’ve learnt to enjoy Easter for other reasons.

A break from routine, extra beach hours, family time in the garden, the official feeling that spring has well and truly arrived (I’m looking at you tulips, bunnies and lambs) and headspace for thinking of the year ahead.

Not to mention the multiple opportunities for hot cross buns covered in big melting gobs of butter accompanied by a cup of tea.

With one foot firmly out of the traditional camp and thinking about non chocolate gifts and feel good touches for the home, here’s a few favourite stylish Easter inspirations…


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What plans do you have for this Easter holiday and will you be looking for a few alternatives to chocolate?


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4 comments on “Inspiration For A Stylish Easter”

  1. I love chocolate and cheese equally, and there is nothing better than eating chocolate immediately after cheese. My husband hates cheese with a passion, and won’t even eat a cheesecake of dessert with ricotta in it, I’ve tried to tell him it doesn’t taste like cheese…

    1. Oh my goodness – I don’t think I’ve tried eating chocolate directly after cheese. I usually just get as far as more cheese!
      Lots of people are put off by the cheese in cheesecake but the ricotta just takes on the sweet flavour of whatever you’re using doesn’t it?
      Good luck in convincing your husband!
      Amanda xx

  2. I love chocolate, and eat far too much of it! It has to be good chocolate though, something dark, nutty or salty…
    We have an odd thing in our house in that H doesn’t like Easter Eggs and has never eaten one in her life. She likes dark 70% chocolate (I know!) so I usually just get her a few treats and leave it at that. I usually end up eating any eggs she’s given (it’s a tough life!)
    I love Easter – a break from routine in springtime, some time off to catch up with friends and family and the compulsory Easter Egg trail round some National Trust garden in the sunshine

    1. Definitely with you Sharon on the darker chocolate with nuts or salt. Chilli works for me too! That’s so funny that your H doesn’t do Easter eggs – but great for you!
      Sounds like you have lots of lovely plans for the hols – enjoy and soak up all this spring sunshine we’re going to get. She says confidently!
      A xx

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