October 13, 2017

Style Stalker | Emmanuelle Alt

Style Stalker

steal her style emmanuelle alt

Emmanuelle Alt. Queen of all things boyish and masculine, champion of ageless style and lets face it… so darn cool it hurts.

Go ahead. Type her name in the search bar of Pinterest and you’ll find a myriad of reasons why I let out a happy sigh whenever she pops up on my style radar.

The Editor in Chief of French Vogue does after all have to have at least a modicum of Couldn’t Care Less Chic. Not only that but she spends more time than most on the front row of some of the best fashion houses in the world.

And if you can be cool by association then being married to the artistic director of Isabel Marant might help un petit peu.

her style formula is simple

But all that aside, when you break down exactly what it is about her style formula that works (and you know I love a good style formula break down!), it’s simple.

Literally that. She keeps it simple.

What does she do? She builds a wardrobe around her jeans and trophy jackets. She does that effortless, pushed up sleeve thing SO well.

I would imagine that she is a passionate subscriber to the theory of “If you feel comfortable, you’ll look confident” too. She does not over egg the pudding.

So without further ado, lets get down to the serious business of what we came here to do.

Get ready to click, shop… and be cool by association…

Now I get there’s a lot of black here but I’m guessing that if you’re reading this blog then you already know where I stand on matters of monochrome.

More style points of note? I don’t have to mention the biker jacket again do I? Because… well this!

Invest in stylish basic accessories. That belt and those simple black heels? They appear numerous times in Emmanuelle’s outfits.

The belt is used to break up a feel good uniform of white shirt and boyfriend jeans as well as being knotted over a blazer or trophy coat should the mood take you.

Being more of a normcore kinda gal myself, my limit on the trophy coat front would be this military number from Wallis. At under £70 its a fair investment in a trend that always comes back around.

the investment is always worth it

When it comes to the essential black blazer, the investment will be worth it. There aren’t many looks I can think of that aren’t instantly improved with one either worn or shoulder robed over the top.

Make this the winter that you buy yourself the very best ankle boots. By best I mean those that are comfortable to wear, not too high and you can walk really well in. Or trot off at a pace in should trotting be required.

And don’t forget that said boots look even better when paired with the staple diet key ingredient of any stylish woman – the slim leg, cropped black trousers.

more great style steal resources

For ankle boots on the high street I LOVE Topshop – their flat and lower heeled styles are great but I always size up.

hush is amazing for pieces like the blazer and good black trousers. And when it comes to a white shirt, this Baukjen Catrina shirt has been my favourite this year.

The White Company Boyfriend jean styles always seem to be cut really well – not too baggy but distinct enough to actually look like Boyfriend jeans if you know what I mean?

Mango has a great military coat this season and I also love this one by Marks & Spencer. It’s in the style but without the gold tone buttons. John Lewis also have some at the pricier end of the scale.

That’s it!

Emmanuelle Alt has nailed a style formula that I love and I’ll be stealing it at will!

Will you?

steal her style Emmanuelle Alt



3 comments on “Style Stalker | Emmanuelle Alt”

  1. I’m not into black, but change the black to navy, and a blue or ivory shirt, and I’m there!
    I do monochrome differently. My heels are a cobalt blue, and I’m on the look out for a blue (not navy) winter coat. The colours may be different, but there are a lot of similarities. I only wish I could pull it off as well as Emanuelle Alt!

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