October 17, 2017

Three Spookily Good Halloween Cocktails To Try

three spookily good halloween cocktails

Spookily Good Halloween Cocktails!

In the course of blogging, I may have mentioned on numerous more than one occasion how much I love Halloween.

As it becomes more of a celebration here in the UK each year (I have *never* seen our local farm pumpkin patch so busy as it was last October!), I think that more adults are getting on board with the concept too.

It’s not just for the kids… it should include the big kids too!

So this year I thought I’d focus on one of my favourite seasonal elements… some spookily good Halloween cocktails!

decorating for a stylish halloween

Whether you’re planning on throwing a party for the grown ups or just fancy a warming tipple after you’ve spent hours trawling the neighbourhood with the kids clutching plastic bucketfuls of sweets, one (or all!) of these cocktails would go down very well.

I don’t profess to have made these up myself. A quick scan of Pinterest after typing in “stylish Halloween cocktails” and I found three recipes that fitted the bill perfectly.

Although I did make one or two tweaks here and there according to taste and ingredient availability. So as well as linking to the original recipes, I’ll list my ingredient or mix too.

Happy Spooky Slurping!

The Black Heart

halloween cocktail the black heart

I gasped with delight when I saw this one. Black, figs, minimal in style – what’s not to love?

It’s not for the faint hearted but if you love a sweeter drink then this one is for you. If Fig Vodka is hard to come by then do what I do whenever most flavoured vodkas are called for. Take your chosen ingredient and marinate plenty of it in a smaller quantity of plain vodka decanted to another bottle or container.

spooky halloween cocktail with vodka and cassis

Recipe – Makes Two

1 fl oz Black Vodka
1 fl oz Fig Vodka
3 fl oz Creme de Cassis
Dash of Dry Vermouth

Shake all the ingredients over ice – I recommend using a lot if you like it not quite as strong.
Strain into an ice cold martini glass and garnish with a slice of fresh fig.
You can buy Figenza Fig Vodka and Blavod Black Vodka at Amazon.

Original recipe from Drinking In America.

Spooky Sidecar

Spooky Sidecar the perfect halloween cocktail

No big secret here. It’s just a standard Sidecar cocktail recipe but the colour is reminiscent of pumpkin and I think the addition of a black liquorice Catherine Wheel on the side (idea pinched from Pinterest!), makes it suitably spooky.

Plus you have the excuse of going to your local old fashioned sweet shop to seek out said spooky addition!

turn a sidecar cocktail into something spooky for halloween

Recipe – Makes Two

1 lemon cut in half
Sugar – to rim the glasses
3 fl oz Cognac
1.5 fl oz Fresh lemon juice
1.5 fl oz Orange Liqueur (I used Cointreau)
Liquorice Catherine Wheels

Rim the glasses with the lemon halves and dip into the sugar on a shallow plate. Half fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add the liquid ingredients and make like Tom Cruise in Cocktail. Actually don’t attempt the bartender flaring if you value your non-sticky kitchen.

Pour into the glasses and add your liquorice flourish!

This one was Mr OS’s favourite but then he does love brandy.

Original Sidecar Recipe from Food Network

Bite Me

bite me cocktail with chilli devil horns

This one is worth it for the name and the garnish alone! It looks like an innocent slushy drink until you put the horns on… and taste it!

I love anything to do with chilli spice so this was a refreshingly zingy favourite for me.

red chilli watermelon and vodka cocktail for halloween

Recipe – Makes Two

1.5 fl oz Passionfruit Vodka
6 Cubes of fresh watermelon
2 to 3 fl oz Fresh lime juice
1 fl oz simple syrup
Small length red chill pepper (de-seeded)
2 Half red chilli pepper ends for garnish

Muddle the watermelon, de-seeded chilli, and syrup. Add in the vodka, lime juice and ice. Shake well and double strain. Recipe for simple syrup here.

I only strained mine once so you can still see some seeds – too eager! You can also cheat the passionfruit vodka thing by infusing, or buy some here. 

I cheated a little by skipping the simple syrup and using passionfruit syrup instead.

Recipe via The Intoxicologist

serving halloween cocktails on monochrome tray

LSA Cocktail Glass – Amara c/o | iittala Cocktail Glass – Amara c/o | Triangles Tray – Maik London c/o

white pumpkins gold skull and black tealight holders halloween

Seletti Ltd Edition Skull – Amara c/o | White Pumpkins – Arcade Flowers | Vase – The White Company | Set of three Skulltuna tealight holders – Amara c/o | Succulent in concrete pot – Bleujen  | Spiders and web mesh – Waitrose

A spookily stylish Halloween!

You may have noticed after my mention of all the orange Halloween toot in this post, that I appear to have gotten my way regarding some minimally spooky decoration this year!

That’s because the fabulous gold skull, black tealight holders and the cocktail glasses for this post were kindly provided by the always stylish Amara.

I love the selection of homeware and gifts that they carry and have shopped with them numerous times when it comes to something a little different for any Holiday Season celebration!

spooky sidecar cocktail for a halloween party

Some of our Halloween decorations have been unpacked but H hasn’t noticed the distinct lack of orange yet. I give it about two more days until she does… and then I’ll give in.

Until then, I’m enjoying a very sophisticated Halloween for now. So I’ll raise you one Spooky Sidecar to that!


Will you be trying out any Halloween cocktail recipes this year?

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