March 18, 2019

Simply Desirable Destination | Coastguard Cottage, Soar Mill Cove

simply desirable destination soar mill cove

We were invited to stay at Coastguard Cottage courtesy of the hosts making this an AD [Gifted Stay]. More info, if needed can be found on my Disclosure page. 


I’ve lost count of the times we’ve reached the half term holidays in February and I’ve said that I wished we’d booked to get away somewhere. Having just endured the unmitigated Meh of January and survived (just), I was thrilled when Georgie got in touch to ask if we’d like to come and stay in Devon for a few days.

Winter always feels so long once the Holiday Season has passed by and there’s something about a change of scenery that just brings me out of the rut I usually find myself wallowing in. And understandably, there’s been a lot of wallowing this year.

Not only that but the very art of packing a bag and going somewhere new gives me hope that spring will soon be on the way.

Still waiting for that by the way…

white wooden cottage staircase

twinkle lights on white wooden staircase


white washed cottage bathroom


Coastguard Cottage in the tiny hamlet of Soar which sits snuggly between the towns of Salcombe and Hope Cove in South Devon.

Our lovely hosts were Georgie and James who clearly share our love of a rugged coastline, natural unspoilt beaches and a life lived by the sea as often as possible.

They have a beautiful black lab (yes… I stalked Buzz on their Instagram feed!) so they know what makes a good dog friendly destination.

Having packed a bag for a couple of days, we loaded ourselves and Biscuit into the car and set off on our usual journey that we’d normally take to Cornwall, only this time opting for the South Devon route.

After a lunch stop and numerous “Are we nearly there yet?”‘s accompanied by Teen eye-rolling, we soon found ourselves navigating those winding country lanes with a coastal view in our sights.

Veuve Clicquot tray nightstand table

champagne branded night table

sitting on a window ledge

time to unwind and sit and think


If you were to conjure up an image of a cosy coastal cottage in your head then I feel this would be it.

I found myself sighing over the white wooden floors, the soft light that flooded the upstairs rooms, the AGA in the kitchen (upon which we successfully made two meals without any mishaps!) and the fire in the living room.

It’s one of those places where you can imagine staying in any season and finding yourself gently letting go of the stresses of daily life with each morning that you wake.


nautical details in cottage bedroom

rope detail lampshade

calm and restful seaside cottage bedroom

kinfolk magazine on wooden floor

The kitchen was really well stocked and furnished and I knew I was in the right place when I saw the Nespresso machine in the corner!

For kids (and adults) who can’t go without it there’s wifi and there was also Freeview + and NOW TV Movies which got a huge thumbs up from the sometimes hard to please Teen!

sunset at soar mill cove


Go here if you love beaches and rugged coastline, quaint little fishing towns, pastel coloured cottages… and yep… I’m almost humming “If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air…” at this point.

We walked down to Soar Mill Cove on the first evening and caught the most amazing sunset disappearing down into a horizon met by spectacular Devon waves.

The following morning, Mr OS went out for a coastal path run and made all sorts of discoveries from a landscape that was straight out of Game of Thrones and curious hillside sheep to a couple selling lemon cake and award winning marmalade on their driveway, with all proceeds going to Devon Air Ambulance.

I came home with a jar of the Grapefruit and Aperol flavour… and am happy to confirm it is divine!

stormy skies over salcombe

sheep on the hillside

walking on the beach in February sunshine

Later on we visited North Sands beach when the tide was out and Biscuit ran like she’d never experienced that much space and freedom before. I think she found the combination of soft sand underfoot and tidal pools to splash in irresistible.. as did I.

Having built up an appetite fuelled by all the sea air, we headed in for lunch at The Winking Prawn where I thought it would be rude not to try a huge prawn baguette… it was SO good!

Then we drove into the picturesque seaside town of Salcombe. There are just enough shops to occupy everyone – H was overjoyed to find a TINC store and we couldn’t leave without a quick drop in to the Salcombe Gin Distillery.

We also couldn’t leave without first purchasing a bottle of Salcombe Start Point Gin. It had our name on it… how could we not?

white washed cottage bedroom with black fireplace

glass beaded chandelier details


This cottage is perfect for a lazy family stay in any season.

In winter you have the bonus of an open fire and the cosy warmth from an AGA in the kitchen and in summer there’s a spacious garden complete with patio furniture and a coal BBQ.

I LOVED the white wooden floorboards, twinkle lights on the staircase, Veuve Clicquot tray nightstand in our room, the black stone fireplace in H’s room and a gazillion other details… most of which I’ve captured here it seems!

black painted fireplace

pebbles in stone fireplace

My favourite moment was in the kitchen with Mr OS, cooking spaghetti Bolognese, munching on garlic bread and drinking a glass of red.

H was happy in the living room, Biscuit was watching from the comfort of her bed in a corner of the kitchen, sniffing all the good food smells and all was right with the world.

Slowing living right there. More of that please.

you could…

Depending on where you’re travelling from, stop in for lunch at The Anchor pub at Seatown, Bridport on the way home to satisfy those coastal cravings a little more.

After lunch by the fire, with Biscuit spending most of her time wooing the occupants of the pub, we walked down to the beach.

The surf and the view behind us back towards the other side of Golden Cap took my breath away and felt like the perfect way to round off our stay.

crashing waves on stony shore

Seatown beach in Chideock Golden Cap


Coastguard Cottage sleeps up to six guests in three bedrooms – there are four beds and one bathroom. Costs start from £150 per night.

Take a closer look at Coastguard Cottage here and you can book via Air BnB here.

Oh and don’t forget to follow Georgie and James’ Instagram feed for plenty of beach and Buzz action too!

If you’d like to see some footage of the cottage and North Sands beach in all it’s glory, head over to my Instagram TV channel via the App where you’ll find a couple of videos.

DISCLOSURE  |  Our accommodation was courtesy of our lovely hosts Georgie and James and whilst I wasn’t under any obligation to share our experience here, I would happily recommend a stay at  Coastguard Cottage to blog readers, friends and family alike!


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  1. What a lovely way to wake up on a Monday morning, reading this post. The photography is excellent . Well done for capturing such an idilic place.

  2. Stunning photography as always, what a beautiful place, and yes I want to go!! Glad you had a lovely break and agree with all of the sentiments. Have a great week

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