May 06, 2019

Simple Style | A White Dress For Summer

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simple white dress for summer

Ah summer dressing… an old friend that I daydream about all through winter and look forward to meeting up with every year.

Every year I have visions of how our relationship will play out… cool cotton, white dresses, sandals and bare feet, laid back, effortless and simple. However, I fully admit that sometimes I’m left a little wanting.

Especially last year because that sure as hell didn’t feel very effortless and simple. The heat of summer arrived in all its glory, pre the great big wardrobe declutter and quite frankly, I struggled all summer to dress in the way I wanted to for that heatwave. Because I had too much of the wrong stuff in my cupboards and drawers and hardly any of the what I needed.

Case in point – the white dress for summer.

white cotton dress from COS


Say white summer dress to me (go on, I dare you) and two visions come to mind.

The longer length one with adjustable sleeve length for early summer days and later evenings that, even in July and August, cool down quickly in the UK. Perhaps with the exception of 2018.

Then there’s the shorter length one – just above the knee. With short or capped sleeves and maybe a bit more of a swing and flow movement to the fabric. But opaque enough not to have to wear a slip underneath because who wants to be sheathed in sweat-inducing manmade fibres on a boiling hot day? Not me. Says the voice of (sweaty) experience.


So… Go Me! This year I nailed the first one. Well, actually, COS * nailed it for me.

The minute I saw this dress * online I knew it was the one I’d been imagining in my head for eons. So I didn’t do my usual thing of mulling it over until they all sold out. I swooped in and ordered right away. When you know you just know.

Tie waisted, with pockets, soft white cotton and with a minimal versatility factor that I crave. This dress is me all over… and thats what I should be saying about anything I pull from my wardrobe.

I wear it with a slip under because it is a little on the sheer side. With the right undies its not indecent by a long shot and I think it would depend on the circumstances (and knickers) in all honesty as to whether you need to bother.

If you’re of a mind to bother, I bothered with this slip from Marks & Spencer * and its way better than the hideously scratchy, too short, too tight thing I’d been making do with for the last ten years. I chose the Almond colour and the length of 26 is perfect for this dress.

Nailed the dress, nailed the underwear… not ground breaking but sure as hell feels life changing!

paddling in the sea photographing your feet

minimal heart tattoo on ankle

amanda start sitting on rock at beach in white COS dress

W E A R I N G :

Sunglasses – CÉLINE *  |  Dress – COS *  |  Bangle (old) COS *  : similar here *   |  Watch – Timex *   |  Sandals – Birkenstock *

And yes I went paddling. It was cold – toe numbingly cold. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to give that much talked about tattoo it’s first exposure! I’m so glad I did it and every time I catch sight of it, I feel a spark of joyous midlife rebellion. Because why not?

But back to that other, shorter white dress.

I’m still looking for that one and there have been a few contenders but I’ve had to walk away due to the see-through thing. How hard can it be to make a white cotton dress in a dense enough weave or least with its own cotton lining? I don’t want flounces, too much fuss or lots of detail either. Just simple in essence.

If you see or know of any that fit the bill, give me a heads up. Meanwhile, here’s a few more I love…

white cos dress and celine sunglasses

amanda start walking on beach in white dress

more white dresses for summer and simple style options


Cecilie Bahnsen Dress *  |  Nina B Earrings *  |  COS Dress *  |  ARKET Sandals *   |  JW Anderson Dress *   |  John Lewis & Partners Dress *   |   NARS Nail Polish *   |   Flippa K Dress *   |   Merlette Dress *   |  Veja V-10 Trainers *   |  COS Detachable Belt Bag *



Photography: Patrick Start

Head on over to my IGTV channel where you’ll find a few clips from our evening beach shoot – we waited all day for the sun to go in and for that light!

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