February 04, 2019

Simple Style | Staying Warm All Winter Long

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staying warm all winter long

Brrr… just looking at these pics makes me remember how much my head hurt from the cold during this dog walk. Guess who forgot her cashmere beanie?

But I’ll never complain (not in earnest anyway) about a sunny but cold winter’s day – they’re my favourite kind.

Add in a strong wind that whips up the sea into giant crashing waves and I’m one contented coastal dweller. You may freeze your loo-lahs off whilst partaking of said walk but you just know how good that feeling of warm, rosy cheeks will be once you get back indoors again.

As per usual, during this part of the year I revert to my standard winter uniform of chunky knit and skinnies. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.

online stylist walking Biscuit at the beach

The jumper I’m wearing, kindly gifted by Baukjen, has reignited my love for the humble roll neck too. But not just any old roll neck. It can’t be scratchy. Or too tight around the neck. It has to be just right! Usually I would say only cashmere would do but this one passed the Picky Knitwear Lady test.

T H E  R O L L  N E C K  R O L L  C A L L  O F  M U S T – H A V E   Q U A L I T I E S

Get the right length and it becomes way more versatile. By versatile I mean it has sufficient material to cover my bum when I wear it with skinny jeans or my leather leggings. Which is what I’ll be wearing this one with next time. Although maybe not for dog walks at the beach.

But you get what I mean – a roll neck is cosy and it works for casual and for when something a bit smarter is called for too.

As mentioned (because it’s important and is the thing guaranteed to make me instantly fall out of love with one if it’s wrong!), make sure the neck fit is exactly right for you. Patience when choosing is required and when you try it on,  think about having that about your neck all day. I can’t abide them feeling scratchy and too constrictive… or being so high that it ends up with a lovely orangey tide mark from my makeup. Be patient and find The One!

If you layer under then the coat you layer over the top can be a thinner one… even in winter. What can I say? I like switching up my coats. Plus, multiple thinner layers will always keep you warmer on those really cold days. And for when it’s not so head-numbingly freezing, if you have a good thermal top (sexy!) or a decent jersey, long sleeved T-shirt, under, no coat is needed at all.



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Boots – The Original Muck Boot Company

Under my sweater I had on old GAP Body T-shirt that fits close to the skin and is super soft. By tucking into my jeans I managed to keep the drafts at bay and once we got walking at a brisk pace, I felt completely warm and cosy. Except maybe for my frozen head…

Below I’ve added some more roll necks for chilly winter days and other pieces you could wear it with for guaranteed versatility.

Biscuit has no need of any such thing for staying warm all winter and is happy to stick with her good old Labrador onesie. A trait I sometimes envy her for!


More roll necks + simple style options


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