March 11, 2019

Simple Style | Great Greys


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If ever there were an outfit that in my wardrobe that was to win the “Well Chosen… This Is All Working!” award then for me, this is it.

It contains all my favourite things… and yes, most of them are grey. Or black.

But more importantly, with the exception of one or two pieces, I’ve owned the components for one to four plus years. Meaning at some point, I was a style Jedi and choose wisely I did!

Individually, I adore all these items but put them together in one look and this is where I feel at my sartorial serenest.


I’ve lost count of the times I get asked “Where is your sweatshirt from?” when I wear this simple grey top… and to think for the longest time, I’d relegated it to the lounge/gym wear pile.

A N  O L D I E  B U T  G O O D Y

It’s a really old purchase from GAP but this past year, I’ve paired it with so many different things. It looks amazing worn with a grey tulle skirt or a pair of crepe trousers and some low heeled sandals. And of course there’s the black leather skirt that was made to be topped with a grey sweatshirt.

But I think there’s something about it under a blazer that just works even better. I don’t know what exactly… maybe the juxtaposition of the casual worn with the tailoring? The reason doesn’t matter – this outfit on this day has been the most “in sync with me” I’ve felt in ages.



These are all AD [Affiliate Links] : links:  Sunglasses – After Hours by Quay Australia  | Lips – Tell Laura by Charlotte Tilbury  |  Blazer (old) hush : similar here  |  Sweatshirt (old) GAP : similar at Everlane  |  Bangle – COS  |  Belt – hush  |  Push Lock Bag – Cambridge Satchel Co  |  Jeans – J.Crew (old) but similar this year  |  Boots – Clarks

AD [Gifted Item]  + Affiliate Link – Watch – Philosopher Mesh in Gun Metal by Nordgreen

Cashmere Scarf – Lois Avery

The other great grey (apart from the faithful cashmere) comes in the form of Gun Metal grey in this Nordgreen Philosopher mesh watch.* 

I was so taken with the brand* (Danish of course) and their social responsibility ethos of giving back*, that this is one of those times (as per all the ASA clarification chat!), where I accept product as “payment” for sharing some detail with you.

Once you’ve selected and purchased your uber stylish Nordgreen watch you can select one of three causes, enter your watch’s serial number and a code you’re provided with and a donation is made. You can choose to donate to the provision of clean water in The African Republic, eduction for children in India or helping to preserve rain forest in Latin America.

If you’d like to buy a watch, you can use my Online Stylist discount code to get 15% off here* – just enter STYLIST15 at the checkout.

All good things come in grey!


more great greys and simple style options


All AD Affiliate Links  :  Sweatshirt – Everlane | Nail Polish – & Other Stories | Blazer – Arket | Trousers – Mint Velvet | Leather Skirt – Arket | Sweater – ACNE Studios | Leather Sneakers – Converse | Trousers – Arket | Jeans – Frame | Cross Body Bag – & Other Stories


Photography: Charlotte Bryer-Ash



6 comments on “Simple Style | Great Greys”

  1. I know you have to do it as I read your post on it, but the ASA’s insistence on splashing ‘AD’ or ‘Affiliate link’ or ‘Gifted’ (or some such combination) on *everything* is so intrusive. It’s almost as if they think that it’s An Awful Thing to make money from blogging. In my view you’d have to be some kind of stupid not to realise that good bloggers are gifted items, or that they write about topics for (whisper it) payment . Meanwhile, the ‘celebrities’ get away with the embarrassingly obvious ‘paid partnerships’ and aren’t subject to the same rules, it seems.

    1. In some ways I agree with you Sarette – it sure as hell does feel tiresome being made to jump through hoops when creating content and I was worried it would interfere with how it all “flowed”. Sadly the actions of a few have probably forced the ASA’s hand but my biggest bugbear is that traditional media doesn’t have to follow the same rules. Does that mean if I called myself an online magazine, I don’t have to do it? Who knows? I’m just moving on with it and doing what I’m supposed to do. The recent trend of mainstream media having a pop at influencers in snarky articles all the time makes me laugh too. Anyone would think their advertising departments feel threatened… xx

  2. Love this look, and you look beautiful. the watch is stunning as well, what a wonderful philosophy they have. Have a great week

  3. This may be a simple outfit, but the whole is greater than the sum of the parts!
    For me it’s about the details, so the three metal bars on your belt. A tiny detail, but important.
    I’m not a black and grey girl, although it probably took me 20 odd years to work it out – black is wrong for my skin tone, and whereas all shades of grey used to be fine, silver is the only one I wear now as coupled with my greying hair it doesn’t feel right anymore. So even though I’m a true blue girl these days, this outfit is full of inspiration for me! Swap the black blazer for navy, and a sky blue sweater instead if the grey sweatshirt and this is a look I’d go for!

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