January 14, 2019

Simple Style For January


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Relaxed And Simple for January

There’s a distinctly relaxed vibe to January this year… well there is in the social media and blogging circles I’m frequenting anyway.

Gone is the hustle/do more/be more/grow faster mentality and instead there’s a pleasing “You know what… this is more than enough” mood going around at the moment. Taking a back seat rather than fighting to ride shotgun is where it’s at.

I felt this step change begin at the start of 2018 but now it really seems to have taken hold.

There are more conscious decisions as opposed to calculated ones, happy is way more palatable than hurried and slowing down in order to avoid being a stress monkey is spawning oodles of aesthetically pleasing hashtag feeds, let alone making us feel more peaceful.

Want to spend some time de-cluttering and clearing out? Go for your life. Prefer to curl up with a book and tackle the Could Do list later on? Fine by me.

No specific work goals this year? Great. Aiming to keep on keeping on? I’ll join you.

I currently feel like I’m going about with a word cloud hovering above my head and in it resides:

Simple, Cosy, Heartfelt, Calm, Live, Distinctive, Read, Accept, Carefree, Intent, Rebellious, Confident, Paired Back, Grace… and let’s not forget Slow.

It’s the best kind of cloud to be living under and it continues to provide plenty of food for thought.

And call me greedy but I think I’ll stick with a whole cloud of words this year as opposed to just the one.


I have some of H&M Home’s new season pieces firmly in my sights!

Whilst I’m no longer a fan of resolutions, every January I seem to take on the habit of setting myself a few home goals for the year ahead.

Mr OS loves this. NOT.

And now that we’re in the second and final week of the bathroom renovation, I’ve gone into full blown nesting mode again. I’m now wondering if nesting is a symptom of menopause?

This year the home goals list is long and I’m not expecting to achieve all of it by a long shot. When it comes to time and funds it pays to be a realist.

But top of the list is some re-decorating –  the living room paint is in desperate need of a refresh (I’m fairly sure I said that on here last year!). And this time we’ll be getting the ceiling skimmed so we can be rid of one more room with 70’s artex.

Bedding  – H&M Home  |  Wicker Basket – John Lewis  |  Shelf – Made.com  |  Pillows – The White Company  |  Table Lamp – Wayfair

If funds allow, I’d also like to give our bedroom a makeover.

I’m taking my time pondering this one as it needs to be carefully planned and I’m really emjoying hunting for inspiration. Even if it doesn’t come to fruition for quite a while, I flipping LOVE the gathering ideas stage!

Although I might stay away from Pinterest this time and browse a few favourite interior blogs and Instagram feeds instead. I tend to get easily lead by Pinterest and end up with too many themes… do you find this?

Here’s a few of favourite interior blogs that I love:
These Four Walls
Cate St Hill
Only Deco Love
Anne Sage
Design Hunter

And over on the ‘Gram there’s:
The Interiors Lady (and I see there’s a blog coming soon!)
The Green Eyed Girl
Malmo & Moss
The Interior Warrior
Amy Cawson
About This Haus
Meg L Cassidy

If you have any favourite minimal feeds or blogs that you check in with regularly, let me know in the comments below as I intend on building up a stash to stalk!

Arket minimal Scandi inspired wardrobe

Poplin Shirt + Wool Linen Trousers – both Arket

And of course there’s the wardrobe… that one still calls me back on a regular basis.

As in it still needs tweaking I think – some things still feel “off”. I’m guessing after years of having too much stuff, having less but more “right” pieces becomes a bit of an art form worth striving for?

I’m still striving.


Silk Rib Top – Arket  |  Wooden Hangers – John Lewis  |  Leather Bag – COS  |  Poplin Shirt – Arket  |  R.M. Williams Wentworth Boots – Arket  |  Wool & Silk Wash – Arket  |  Knitwear – COS

Have you watched the Marie Kondo series on Netflix yet? I haven’t as I read both books last year and I’m making a conscious decision not to watch it if I’m honest.

For one, we already have enough things downloaded to watch and I intend to spend more time reading books than watching television.

Secondly I’d rather be doing my own de-cluttering as opposed to watching someone else do theirs.

And lastly, I fear if I did watch it, it would only serve to increase my manic episodes of clearing out/editing/pairing back and we’d be in severe danger of having nothing left in the house at all!

perfect bathroom storage set up from The White Company

Can you tell I have bathroom styling on the brain?? I LOVE this minimal vignette from The White Company!

However, that doesn’t mean the purging is on permanent pause… I’m still prone to a few flutters of flinging and faffing here and there.

Seeing as it was a year ago that the kitchen was replaced, all the cupboards in there are next on the list for a tidy and sort out.

And when we get to put the bathroom back together I anticipate a thorough product edit… with only the good stuff (read: monochrome) staying out on display.

I can’t wait to get in there and get faffing!


Towels – The White Company  |  Grown Alchemist Amenity Kit  | Simple Matters by Erin Boyle | Le Labo Body Lotion | Storage Jar – John Lewis  |  Stoneware Jug – H&M Home  |  Bottle Opener Set – The HutThis Is Home by Natalie Walton

simple style for january

3 comments on “Simple Style For January”

  1. I am so glad to see you back. I know grief is a long and difficult road, just keep going forward. This piece describes exactly I how feel and what I plan todo this year and the pictures how I see our home.
    I read Mad About The House if that helps.

  2. Thanks again for a great post.
    Makes me want to clear out all my rooms. I am not a hoarder but having difficulty parting with stuff which I have kept for sentimental reasons.
    Have made a start on loft, which is full of toys from my sons childhood, talking 30yrs. So off to charity shop this afternoon.
    Baby steps.

  3. My kind of post! I too will be taking it day by day and just doing the best I can. That cloud sounds wonderful company! I read Kondo’s book and watched some episodes but while I think she’s lovely I have to agree with you – better to just do your own thing in terms of clearing out. Wishing you a great year x

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