June 20, 2017

Five Reasons Why An Impulsive Trip Is Good For The Soul

why an impulsive trip is good for the soul

acting on impulse is good for the soul

I’m pretty sure there are way more than five reasons why an impulsive trip or holiday is good for the soul.

But for the purpose of this post, I’m focusing on those that sprang to mind following our trip to Majorca.

When you consider the practicalities such as affordability, work and the commitment of having kids at school, impromptu holidays all of a sudden feel like a distant memory.

Then there’s securing last minute dog care, trying to find accommodation that fulfils your family’s needs and wants (air conditioning is a non-negotiable for me!) and the task of getting flights that match up at a fairly reasonable time of day. And that don’t cost an arm and a leg!

Oh and don’t forget that moment of horror when, as you’re all celebrating that you overcame all of the above successfully and efficiently, you realise that your daughter’s passport runs out two weeks before you’re due to fly.

Hey..nothing that a Father/Daughter bonding day trip to the Newport passport office in Wales couldn’t sort out.

So back to that impulsive(ish) vacation.

Our recent, small but perfectly formed Majorcan break felt like a little slice of three day heaven. And I’m fairly sure that a lot of that was down to the fact that it was something we did on impulse.

book an impulsive trip

the harbour at Colonia San Pere

In the spirit of embracing spontaneity and feeling temporarily footloose and fancy free, here’s five reasons to take a last minute vacation.

A sense of freedom

It turns out I’m not really as tethered to routine as I thought.

A graduate of the plan well ahead school of life, with honours, booking a last minute-ish trip felt rebellious. And sometimes rebellion feels good!

I mean this may not have been a total wake up with the idea today, fly off tomorrow kinda last minute trip but with family, school and work commitments, it was still pretty impulsive.

And with that comes an invaluable sense of freedom and an “Actually I can if I want to” vibe. Not something you get to experience that often once you have family ties.

And to experience it once more is good for the soul.

exploring the Mallorcan shoreline at sunset

family fun on the beach at sunset

The Excitement Factor

There’s a lot to be said for having something planned in advance to look forward to (in fact I actively advocate it) but I just realised that the excitement levels for an impulse trip are off the charts!

Maybe its a heady combination of that aforementioned sense of freedom and of not really having the time to think too much about it.

we were all giddy with excitement!

But when we got to the day before and it dawned on us that tomorrow, we were actually hopping on a plane to the sun, we were all giddy with excitement!

Not least me as we’ve never been away for half term before. There’s a lot to be said for realising that you don’t have to implement the usual “Argh I Need Childcare!” action plan.

looking out to sea at sunset

wrapped up in cashmere at sunset

online stylist wearing white company maxi dress and lois avery cashmere in majorca


Sunglasses – RayBan | Cashmere Shawl – Lois Avery | Silk Maxi Drawstring Dress – The White Company c/o | Watch – Daniel Wellington | Suede Flat Tassel Sandals – The White Company c/o

Meeting Expectation

When you book an impulsive trip, you don’t have the time to build it up into something it really might not be.

More often that not, when a trip has been planned for so long and you finally get there, all those unrealistic expectations of what you want it to be can leave you wanting.

This is particularly true of those early family holidays. Travelling with kids can turn out to be hard work and leave you feeling exhausted by the time you get home.

In years gone by, more than once we’ve uttered that it would have been a whole lot easier and less stressful to just stay at home!

Which leads me nicely onto…

sunset across the bay in Colonia San Pere Mallorca

photographing the sunset

setting sun in Majorca


You get to enjoy that sense of homecoming again. I LOVE to travel but I love the feeling of returning home and revelling in the comfort of the familiar once more.

Wherever we put down roots is where the heart is and each time we go away, once the end of the trip is near, I start eagerly anticipating the homecoming.

And not just because I’m missing the dog… or the Nespresso machine…

sunset over the bay in colonia san pere

sinking sun behind the mountains of majorca

A sense of gratitude

To feel grateful is more important than ever in the world we inhabit now.

Time to reflect on what matters only serves to underline how crucial it is to find happiness in the small everyday things and live life to the full.

I felt grateful that this trip gave us some family time and me some much needed time away from the desk to rest a racing mind.

Not to mention the chance to re-visit a beautiful island and create more happy memories.

what do you think?

Have you booked a last minute trip lately or do you actually prefer to have it all planned out way in advance?

And where is your favourite place to visit in the summer months?

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9 comments on “Five Reasons Why An Impulsive Trip Is Good For The Soul”

  1. Amanda, these photos are just breathtaking. I agree with all your sentiments here and I really like the “meeting expectations” point. When I plan a trip a long way in advance, this can result in way too much time on trip advisor and the Internet researching. There have been times when I’ve felt I’ve been on the holiday before we even take off! Xx PS Thanks for featuring LA in these beautiful photos. Xx

    1. Thanks so much Jen! I know what you mean – its sometimes best not to plan so much. I mean with kids you have to plan certain elements but when you go with very little expectation, it pretty much always turns out to be amazing! I was completely attached to my LA shawl on that trip! xx

  2. Yes! To all of these reasons! I absolutely love getting away, and it’s never easy with kids and dogs (I have two of each!?) but it’s OH SO worth it. The only problem is, the more I travel, the more I want to!
    Stunning photos too. x

    1. You’re right Kate – its not easy. But it does pay dividends when you have a lovely holiday and I’m with you – travelling begets travelling in my book! So when’s your next trip?? xx

  3. I’m so glad you went on this trip! We are a pretty routine driven bunch in my house too (me less so than the others) so I completely get what you mean. I don’t know about you, but having one child has changed holidays for us. Before she came along we liked to mix relaxation with exploring, and something a bit different. Now we seem to mostly do resort holidays so there are activities and other children for Harriet. The urge to do something different is building up in me now – I’m hoping that now she is getting older we will be able to find more common ground. It’s always a collaborative decision – I think 3 person households can tend to be more that way than those with more children (or is it just us?) Anyway, your holiday looked fab xx

    1. Thank you Sharon! Oh goodness yes – it COMPLETELY changes holiday dynamics. And thats not to say I wish I had more than one so they can entertain each other either! I know it doesn’t always work out that way for those that do!
      It definitely begins to change as they get older I think. I still think we’re a long way off H enjoying the kind of holiday we want but you can start to find common ground more often. And besides, thats always a good excuse for a couple of days away by yourself!
      Looking forward to hearing about your holiday plans for this year. Did I dream it or is Majorca too??
      A xx

      1. We are off to Corsica this year – never been there so very excited
        I love Majorca, went to Pollenca three years ago, I’d love to go back. Glad you loved it x

  4. Oh I love this post so much and I ‘hear hear’ to all five points!!! So true! (And I have been in that queue in Newport too so you are in good company )
    Loving the pictures, they are divine xxx


  5. Amanda you’re so right. I just did a similar thing and booked a last minute flight and found a gorgeous hotel and totally chilled out for 5 days, which I never usually manage to do because I find it really hard to sit still! I’m also with you on the homecoming too there really is no place like home and your own bed and leaving it for a while makes you appreciate home so much more.

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