January 21, 2015

Re-resolutionise Yourself

How are the New Years resolutions going? Or shall we not discuss seeing as we’ve just experienced Blue Monday, it’s still not pay day….and hell….it’s STILL January!

I think the only one of mine that I’ve stuck to religiously is doing the ironing as it comes straight out of the laundry. I no longer have an overflowing ironing basket and you’ve no idea how happy this makes me.

And yes, I’m finding it hard to cope with the glamour of that statement, really I am.

If inspiration in lacking, they say nothing motivates a gal like an excuse to partake of a little shopping… so how about some of these options to get you back on track with the fitness and wellbeing To Do list?

[Click product images for info]

Chanel your inner white swan and get on board with the ballet fitness craze…or at least use it as an excuse to wear leg warmers once more.

Add some healthy and tasty dishes to your weekly menu. Since buying a spiraliser, I’m now very tempted by the Hemsley + Hemsley book. Who knew vegetables could be this much fun?

Get out in the cold for bracing winter walks, keeping lips protected with Kiehl’s Mango balm and face streak free with Eyeko Sport Waterproof mascara.  But if you’re off out into the elements at a faster pace, these Nimble Run thermals at Sweaty Betty are a must.

Even if complete detoxing is not your thing (and it’s certainly not mine), you can still turn your breakfast smoothie into a daily super smoothie with a scoop of Bodyism Beauty Food.

Post Christmas blow out I’m yearning for some yoga time again – the Malasana tunic and Eco Mat in mint green would definitely help on the motivation front. Namaste.

Will you be getting re-resolutionised or leave the list until next year?

2 comments on “Re-resolutionise Yourself”

  1. Oh, Amanda! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and promised myself that this would be the year I came out of the woodwork and started letting some of my favourite bloggers know how much I enjoy all their work…so here I am! I have to admit that it was the ironing line that did it for me though, I hear you loud and clear on that one and like you even more for being so honest that something so un-glamourous can make you so happy. Me too. Wishing you a fabulous year! Esther x

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