March 01, 2019

Spring Pieces With Wardrobe Longevity

pieces with wardrobe longevity

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six spring pieces with wardrobe longevity

Can you feel it? That sense that spring is well and truly on the way? I would say well and truly here but you know the minute I utter those words, we’ll all be following the hashtag #UKsnow and donning our duvet coats again in order to leave the house.

Having said that, today is March 1st and it’s almost the weekend… so I think a little seasonal anticipation excitement is allowed. Disclaimer: If it’s peeing down with rain as you read this… no, I didn’t check the forecast at the time of writing. My bad.

I’ve decided I’ll soon be carving out some time for a between-the-seasons wardrobe changeover. Having recently read An Edited Life by Anna Newton, I’m up for trying her method of storage whereby the pieces that are completely out of season and of no use at all are put away. Yes I love you cream Broderie Anglaise dress but let’s face it, it’s definitely gonna be a while before we get acquainted again.

Arket trench coat

Twill Trench Coat – ARKET

I used to do the whole wardrobe changeover thing but really didn’t like putting things in vacuum bags into the loft. But now that I’m all about being able to see what’s in my wardrobe when getting dressed every day, I’m drawn towards seasonal storage again. The idea of out-of-season pieces being stored out of sight but just in another cupboard\drawer meaning they’re still accessible if needed, really appeals.

Ditto the fact that they won’t smell like the old Christmas decorations when they come out of the loft either.

For this method to work, I think I need to edit everything back further but I’m always up for that. I’ll let you know how this all goes down in due course!

Anyhoo… back to the point of the post. I firmly believe that having a wardrobe that works with and for the life you lead takes time to perfect and via the ongoing editing process, you’ll inevitably encounter style shortfalls here and there.

and or denim jacket at John Lewis

AND/OR Denim Jacket – John Lewis & Partners

A rule of thumb I’m now attempting to put into practice is that if I need to purchase something that will become a future staple, wherever possible, it should work across more than one or two seasons. The key principle behind picking pieces with wardrobe longevity is of course to have less of an impact on the environment but it also saves effort in the longer term when it comes to editing, storage and just getting dressed.

Our sometimes unpredictable UK weather and thankfully, a thirst for ignoring a bunch of out of date style rules means that this has become something thats much easier to implement of late.

White jeans in winter? Yes please!

Denim Jacket – AND/OR at John Lewis & Partners | Straight Ecru Jeans – ARKET | White Shirt – Baukjen | Demi Beat Ankle Boots – Clarks | Twill Trench Coat – ARKET | Cropped Leather Trousers – ARKET

W H I T E  D E N I M
I say white jeans. I mean off-white/bone/ecru… whatever you want to call it. Not for me the fluro white, thin denim that shows up all the croissants I clearly rubbed straight onto my thighs and arse. The right pair will work for all four seasons and look especially cool when paired with a winter sweater on colder days a la the ARKET pair featured here.

T H E  T R E N C H  C O A T
Traditionally touted as the spring coverup of choice, the trench coat is must-include for me. But what about when it’s cold AND raining? Investing in the right, looser fit trench means you can wear a denim jacket underneath on those dismal freezing days and just belt on its own when its a sunshine and showers kinda day. Love those days!

Get the right heel height, shade of neural and the comfiest fit and they’ll work with jeans (especially the off-white ones!), a leather skirt or leather leggings. And if you’re feeling the vibe, a simple dress in summer too. Think this kind of thing. Personally I love Clarks for ankle boots – I’ve never had an uncomfortable pair from them yet.

Speaking of sniffing out the perfect trench and layering it over a denim jacket, do you have that just so denim jacket? I have a really soft, relaxed one and wore it under my winter coats this season too. Obviously not under all the winter coats at once in the manner of Joey from Friends “Could I BE wearing anymore clothes??”.

But back to the jacket… also good for throwing over a midi or maxi dress in summer too.


Let’s not forget our faithful friend, the white shirt. I know…it feels a bit “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” We’ve all heard this one before a gazillion times. But you’d be surprised how many times friends and blog readers tell me they’re still looking for The One.

So I included a few here to be worn under sweaters, on their own with jeans in glorious spring sunshine and left loose over a pair of easy trousers in the manner of a serene woman lounging on the deck of her beach house at sunset… sigh…

I want to be that woman when I grow up. And I want her trousers too.


Cropped Leather Trousers – ARKET

And finally, you wouldn’t call them a classic I know but I still believe in the power of a really good statement piece. I’ve been drooling over these for ages… and with the exception of summer (because… Ewww!), I’d wear them all year round. With those very sandals in spring paired with a simple white T-shirt. And with boots and a sweater in winter and maybe brave the cold with slipper mules for an ankle baring night out too.

Which reminds me… I’m looking forward to wearing this skirt that I invested in last year again soon. It’s one of those things in my wardrobe that every time I wear or catch a glimpse of it, I feel so glad that I bought it.

To be able to say that about everything I see when I open the cupboard is where I’m aiming and is truly #WardrobeGoals!

I think there’ll be some great style mileage in the pieces featured here and you might have a version of some of them in your wardrobe already. It’s just a case of experimenting a little and getting them to work across more of the seasons.

If you’re not sure of how to pair pieces together, just go ahead and search it up in Pinterest for plenty more inspiration. This is still my favourite way to while away the hours!

S H O P  T H E  P O S T



6 comments on “Spring Pieces With Wardrobe Longevity”

  1. I’m definately into storing out of season clothes, I usually do a swap around twice a year. Items on hangers are stored in a corner wardrobe. Sweaters are stored with out of season items at the back, so the full depth of the wardrobe is used. I’ll probably never be as minimal as Anna Newton, but I am trying to be more quality than quantity (I am loving Arket’s transparency as far as where their fabrics are sourced and how they’re treated)!
    I’m definately moving towards items that can be used most of the year. So a sort if all year round capsule, with season items added in.

    1. Hi Sue – Happy Monday!
      I love seeing and hearing how others store their wardrobe contents – I find it intriguing. I must be a nosy wotsit!
      I think we all have to go with being as “minimal” or capsule as feels right for us in the end and getting the most out of the storage is such a good goal to aim for.
      So with you on Arket – I think I could source my entire wardrobe from there.. Well maybe a bit of COS too!
      Have a great week!
      A xx

      1. I think there’s probably a bit of nosy parker in all of us, if I’m walking down a street at night and someone’s got the lights on, but the curtains are open, of course I’m going to see how they live! Seeing how other people do things can inspire us, or just validate our own choices!

  2. Great post- lovely classic clothes and ‘all the croissants I clearly rubbed straight onto my thighs and arse’ made me laugh out loud . Croissant application-the curse of the over 45s!

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