February 22, 2017

What’s Next For The Online Stylist In 2017…

online stylist blog refresh 2017

Blog Refresh 2017

This blog always has been and always will be my passion project. Not a week goes by when I don’t count my lucky stars at the thought of sitting down to my desk and putting 100% effort into something I truly love.

To exist in the blog world and to continue to earn an income from it means that change is a constant. The pure genius of these small corners we create is that they’re always evolving.

And we can evolve with them in ways of our choosing.

Every single post came from an emotion or an idea…

I started blogging with no business agenda meaning that every single post/subject/category/tweet etc came from an emotion. A fleeting thought, an opinion or a big idea that I REALLY felt the need to share. I’ve always been a sharer.

I began on the fringes of parent blogging, moved into the then minority of forty-something style blogger and slowly onwards to a broader mix of life and style inspiration with a healthy helping of #ElevateTheEveryday thrown in.

As I go along and learn more about the business side, I’ve grown to realise that passion and enthusiasm will always be essential but an emotional scattergun approach to producing content?

Not so useful if you want to keep moving forward and ensure you maintain enough of a presence to exist as a business.

So change is afoot. There’s a 2017 blog refresh in the planning stages and I’m SO excited to get going with it!

Over the coming weeks and months, alongside business as usual, I’ll be working in the background with a few well placed experts to bring you a new and improved Online Stylist.

I have a plethora of ideas spinning around in my head to move forward with but I’m really keen to hear your thoughts on how you’d like to see The Online Stylist grow.

The Online Stylist blog refresh 2017

coffee and roses

Inspiration For Stylish Living…my way and yours!

What you love, what maybe doesn’t float your boat so much and what you’d like to see more of.

Because that’s what The Online Stylist is about – Inspiration For Stylish Living. My way and yours!

If you’re able to, I’d love it if you can grab a coffee and spend a couple of minutes sharing your thoughts via this survey.  Of course the coffee is optional – wine works too depending on what time of day you’re reading this!

A blog overhaul is both a hugely exciting and invigorating process to go through and one that normally teaches me things about myself that I never knew.

With the plans I have and because of where I am on the J Word my blogging journey, this one feels like the biggest yet!

It’s also completely immersive, time consuming and sometimes quite stressful so at the end of it all, I’ll hopefully be in a position to share some pointers if you’re thinking about undertaking something similar.

I’ll keep you posted with updates via Instagram and of course, there’s a hashtag. Any excuse for a new one.

You may have spotted from some of my other Instagram self-styled hastagging that I’ve finally gotten over my own issues with my acronym/initialism:

The  Online  Stylist…
There I said it. And I’m embracing it. You won’t forget it now will you?!

So check in with #TOSrefresh2017 to see how its all going…and wish me luck on the road ahead!

Thank you for sticking with me along the way!
Amanda xx

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