August 18, 2014

Online Style Chat With Nicola Elliott of Neom Organics

You may be aware that I’m a big fan of purveyors of all things beautifully fragranced and natural, Neom Organics. So I was keen to see what their freshly re-branded site and product ranges would look like and am pleased to report that it doesn’t disappoint.

To celebrate the re-launch and help spread the wellbeing word, Neom were kind enough to send me another of their gorgeous candles to try out. The aptly named Happiness 3 wick candle has been enveloping me in refreshing scents of white neroli, mimosa and lemon throughout the long summer evenings.

In between enjoying relaxed bouts of invigorating fragrance the Neom way, I recently caught up with founder Nicola Elliott to ask a few burning questions (pun fully intended) about the new look site and her achievements, inspirations and daily life…

Your newly re-branded website is wonderful – congratulations! What prompted you to have it re-designed and what were the key objectives you wanted to achieve in doing so?

Thanks so much! The Neom rebrand came about following a conversation with our customers, we wanted to find out what was working for them and where we could work a bit harder. We wanted to highlight the amazing therapeutic properties in all of our blends and we combined this with the areas people were asking us to help with the most. Our Essential Wellbeing Needs – sleep, stress-relief, energy and happiness – now mean that our customers can now shop via how they want to feel. The rebrand is just the start of an exciting new chapter for us. We’re currently planning some big collaborations and we’re in talks with some pretty inspirational people within the wellbeing sector, watch this space!

Could you let us in on what a typical day running the business and juggling family life feels like…

It can be a little bit crazy at times but I’m always drumming into the Neom team how important it is to take a little time away from your desk each day! You’ve got to have a healthy balance. I’ll try and go for a half hour swim on my lunch break a few times a week, or perhaps meet up with a friend. When I get home I try to focus on family life and just enjoy being with my 2 little ones and husband. On a weekend we’ll make day trip plans or just enjoy being together, it’s so important to get that uninterrupted time together!

What inspired you to go from being a magazine editor to founding Neom Organics?

I’m a trained aromatherapist and I’ve always been hugely passionate about wellbeing. I used to make bespoke treatment blends for friends who were stressed out or perhaps going through a bit of a tough time. I had my real lightbulb moment for Neom when I couldn’t find a luxurious yet effective gift for my sister (who’s a real greenie) when she was having trouble sleeping. I decided to create my own treatment and not long after, the first Neom 3 wick candle was born!

I’m sure asking you to pick a favourite product would be impossible but do you have a current Neom product love this summer?

At the moment I’m a bit obsessed with our new Regimes. They’re a selection of step-by-step products which work across our essential wellbeing needs, so you can choose ‘Scent to Sleep’ Scent to Boost Your Energy’ or ‘Scent to Instantly De-stress’. I’m currently loving the Sleep regime to help send me off to sleep, I just feel so rested in the morning!

What would you say your biggest achievement to date has been with Neom?

To get Neom started we experienced quite a lot of negativity, people said we couldn’t create a 100% natural wax candle, scented only with therapeutic essential oils, so we had our work cut out for us. Seeing those first candles on the shelf and the growth off the business since then has given us a constant buzz of achievement.

If you had to use three words to describe Neom Organics to Online Stylist readers, what would they be?

ESSENTIAL, KIND, CARE – We’re all about encouraging you to look after yourself, it’s so easy to incorporate a little essential kindness into your daily routine!

What are the three essentials you always carry in your handbag?

I take a little travel bottle of our Mists everywhere with me, I’m currently enjoying Real Luxury, it’s 24 essential oils which are designed to instantly de-stress and calm. I’ll carry my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser in case I have an impromptu meeting or lunch date. I am a fan of Laura Mercier and of not overloading my skin, especially in summer, so this, for me, is my summer essential. Lightweight and does two jobs in one. Not exactly a handbag essential but I always carry GrapeseedOil as a makeup removers, it’s much better for you than make up remover full of mineral oil that you pay the earth for.

Where do you find inspiration from when it comes to creating new fragrances and products?

Every treatment blend and product we create is from a need that already exists amongst people juggling busy, modern-day life. We’re all about a 360 approach to wellbeing and we have a panel of Neom experts who’ll offer us sound advice in areas such as exercise, nutrition and mindfulness (and much more!). So that as well as hard working products, we can offer all-encompassing advice on sleep, stress-relief, energy and mood, we want to help and we want to be honest with our customers.

How would you describe your personal style and do you have a favourite brand or designer?

My style is very laidback and relaxed, it’s important to feel comfortable when I’m juggling a day in the office with dropping the kids off here, there and everywhere! I love Zara, Hush and Whistles and I love my local Sweaty Betty store in Harrogate for gym wear!

And finally, could you share with us your best tried and tested de-stressing tip?

Mindfulness – I’ve been practicing this before bedtime each day to help clear my head and prepare myself for sleep. It’s great to take that time out and just appreciate the here and now.

You can find a list of Neom Organics stockists here or shop the online store.

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  1. Lovely article – I discovered these back when they were branded “Natural Magic” and I bought a candle for labour’
    I’ve just placed an order from the new website, I can’t wait to transport myself to fragrance heaven. Thanks so much for reminding me of these wonderful products.

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