May 03, 2018

One Look, Two Budgets | The White Summer Dress

My favourite way to get over an attack of the spring style slumps? Apart from seriously considering the idea of getting on a plane to fly somewhere warm so I can actually feel warm that is.

Indulge in this tried and tested look that never fails to please – a white summer dress with tan accessories. Whatever the budget you might be shopping on, the combination of crisp whites and tan or neutral extras brings a feel of instant luxe when it comes to seasonal dressing.

You don’t need to go matchy-matchy in the bag and shoe department either. There’s always the option of a deeper hued basket or straw bag to go with your sandals. The hemline can be above the knee or midi length, depending on your comfort (and faux glow) factor. And because this is after all, the UK spring/summer we’re talking about here, I’ve added in a denim jacket option as a cover-up.

The tan/white thing doesn’t just work with dresses. Dig out those white jeans, add a tan belt and white shirt and Why Hello Mrs Understated Glamour! If you’re after a little more inspiration, I’ve pinned a few looks I love over here on Pinterest.

And here’s another favourite take on the look… the one with a biker jacket and sneakers

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