October 25, 2017

My First Vlog!

My First Vlog

Jumping into video with my first vlog!

Honestly – I know My First Vlog isn’t the most exciting of titles but sometimes you just have to say what you see on the tin!

For ages I’ve been steadfastly ignoring the whole video thing. Being the sum total of a team of one, I just felt I didn’t have the time to devote to yet another facet of the online world we inhabit.

But I’ve grown to love Instagram Stories and really enjoy the whole concept of feeling like it’s “chatting” with readers and social media friends. Slowly… and I’m not sure exactly when, somewhere along the way the idea kind of grew on me.

And if I think back to my first foray into posing on the streets to get outfit shots, I remember thinking I could never do that and feeling like a complete dork whenever I tried it.  And sometimes I still do.

But if you want to improve on something, first you have to start. And then you have to keep doing it.

So here it is – my first Vlog.

To get started I decided to show you what a normal week in the life for a forty something life & style blogger looks like. Not much glam, no glitter and glitz – just very much how life is behind the scenes at Online Stylist HQ.

This feels a lot like a “I’m just gonna leave this here…” moment. I’ve uploaded it and then nipped off to Italy for a couple of days. As you do…

This is all new to me so I’m super keen to get your feedback. Is it too long? Do I witter on too much?

Am I including the kind of stuff you want to see? If not, what type of things do you like to see on these normal “this is my life” Vlogs? I would love it if you dropped me an email or left a comment below!

And please excuse my non-landscape filming. Being a video newbie I treated the entire week’s filming as if I was chatting on Insta Stories, so it’s a bit different to how it should be. Doh!

Luckily I had the help of the amazing Heidi Bawden who did all the editing for me and she was able to get it into a format I could still use. Thank you Heidi! And yes… from here on in I’ll be filming the right way up!

If you want to stay up to date with anymore Vlogging efforts (and bear with me – I’m sure it’ll get better!), my YouTube channel is here.

Have a wonderful few days and I’ll be back after my mini Venetian adventure and when school has gone back next week!

Love, Amanda xx

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Video Editing: Heidi Bawden Video Production

12 comments on “My First Vlog!”

  1. Good morning and well done, on your Vlog, considering it was your first you did remarkable well.
    Keep them coming Geraldine x

  2. Morning my sweet – you’re in Venice right now having a lovely time but I wanted to say ‘Hello’ and that I watched the Vlog! Woop-woop – you are the queen of diversification! I thought it was a great little view into your world; when I watch this sort of medium I like to know how the vlogger is feeling, not just what they are doing. I’ve been thinking about this distinction lately and why it fosters human connection. It’s like the difference between what happens in a novel plot (errr, for example!) and what the novel is about; what is its manifesto? What’s under the surface?! I think the human connection happens when the reader or viewer knows what’s in the mind of the person they’re reading/watching. Does that make any sense? That’s what gives it a wider dimension. As ever, big kudos and love for surging forwards as you always do! Lou x

    1. Hello my Gorgeous Friend!
      Thank you so much for watching!! I know it was a little on the long side but you have to start somewhere right?
      I think your insights are bang on – so often I want to know what’s going on in the head of some of my favourite bloggers… as well as seeing all the things they get up to. I get that makes us essentially nosy! I’m really excited to explore the video element a little more – new things keep my brain ticking over!
      You have such a wonderful way with words and expressing yourself…even in such casual things are blog comments! I can’t wait to read your book!
      Lots of love, Amanda xxx

    1. Aw thank you Gigi! As scatty as our daily life can be!
      I liked involving the tribe a little too – I do talk about them so much here and on Instagram so it felt right to introduce them.
      I thought of you last night by the way as I made Pumpkin Pie!
      Amanda xx

  3. I tend to read your blog on my lunch-hour at work, so a video is of no interest – sorry! In fact, I’d rather blogs were just….blogs. Words and pictures on a screen, not sounds.
    I do wish you well with it, though.

    1. Hey Vicky,
      Thanks for your feedback – much appreciated!
      I know what you mean – Vlogs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. I always be a through and through words and pictures kinda gal so hopefully there’ll be lots more to keep you entertained on your lunch hour.
      With just the occasional video here and there!
      Amanda xx

  4. Just got back from a few days in Madrid and just finished watching your vlog. I loved it, very authentic and watchable. My in laws have a holiday home in Mudeford so always love seeing the beach! Since discovering your Instagram and blog I have revamped my style which was a little too much Boden and not enough fashion. So thank you for your blogs and vlogs they have become a big part of my everyday! X

    1. Hey Sue,
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment – it really made my day! And thank you for watching the Vlog through!
      Mudeford is just beautiful isn’t it? And I’m totally thrilled to hear you’re trying new things since reading the blog – I consider that my job well done!
      Amanda xx

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