November 09, 2016

My constant companion


my constant companion

This beautiful creature, a leggy blonde with the continually happy demeanour has become my constant companion.

This New Year’s Day she’ll be four years old and we’ll have had her in our lives for almost as long. Biscuit has enriched and enhanced our family life in so many ways – not a day goes by where I can’t resist stopping what I’m doing just to give her a cuddle.

She has no hidden agenda and places no demands other than to be shown affection, to be walked, well fed and thrown the occasional ball. Actually, many balls are preferable but she’ll happily settle for one!

My work from home office mate, Holly’s crazy little “sister” and Patrick’s doting, doe eyed admirer, Biscuit is such a huge part of our family life, it seems impossible that we ever existed without her.

Since bringing her into our home, I have frequent moments when I think about how life would be without her – hopefully a very long way off but a daunting prospect nonetheless. When you love something that much, its only natural to wonder both how you got by without it, and how will you cope when it’s no longer there.

my constant companion


she smiles when she greets people…

She has quirks that make her even more irresistible. She smiles when she greets people – an actual raising of the top lip that bares her teeth meaning some people retreat in hasty confusion. A crazy wagging tail at one end and an apparently scary face at the other!

And that tail. It wags with such joyous force that she has split the very tip of it a number of times. Imagine if you will the bloody (literally) mess to clean up! Apparently this is known as Happy Tail Syndrome and is quite common in short haired labradors. Who knew?

Mud and other unmentionable substance rolling, smiling, tail splitting and a few questionable eating habits aside, Biscuit is by far the most easy going family member among us. If you’re ever in a position to have a dog, it’s something I would wholeheartedly recommend. You’ll never regret it for a moment!


WEARING: Sunglasses – ASOSsimilar | Lips – Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Secret Salma | Cashmere Shawl – Lois Avery c/o | Top – ASOS | Cardigan – hush c/0 | Jeans – Donna Ida for Jaeger c/o | Converse All Star Low – Office

All canine cuddles aside (although I’m not so sure the one above is being very well received!), I’d like to end this post on a cashmere note. Is there a better note to end on?

I mentioned here that my friend Jennie was about to launch her beautiful new Italian cashmere shawl business, Lois Avery. Well now it’s live here…and I may be biased but I think it’s just beautiful.

The products are stunning – I’m wearing the Italian Days scarf in Charcoal in these pics and I don’t think I’ve taken it off since she so kindly gave it to me. If dreamy Italian imagery, feather soft cashmere, beautiful packaging and wanderlust are among your favourite things, take a look at the collection and Jennie’s story of how her magical cashmere dream became a reality.


8 comments on “My constant companion”

  1. Ah, what a gorgeous, gorgeous post lovely! Where would we be without our pooches? And not having them in our lives is just not worth thinking about! I bumped into a Mum at school the other day who had a squirming yet adorable 10 week old cockapoo in her hands. I said to her exactly what you’ve said here… that she won’t look back on bringing a dog into her family. How can you not, when they are ALWAYS so pleased to see you? Like you Sammy is my constant companion and I can’t tell you enough how lucky I feel to have him right now. Lots of love Jo xxxx

  2. Such a beautiful post Amanda. Having met Biscuit it’s clear that she is pretty special, but then she has the advantage of having such a wonderful family which must bring out the best in her. I wish you all many long happy years together! Thank you, also for the lovely comments on Lois Avery. I am so grateful.

    J xxx

  3. Our Pointer had to have his tail docked a few months ago due to ‘Happy Tail’. You have a beautiful looking Labrador – Dogs really do bring so much joy into our lives.

  4. Beautiful Biscuit. I know exactly how you feel – I was dead against having a dog as never had one and had to be forced to have one. Now that we have had Joey, our springer spaniel nearly 3 years -I can’t imagine life without him. He has become ”my’ dog and has been elevated to ‘best person’ in the house as he is always pleased to see me and is my very best friend. x

  5. This has brightens up my day! My two dogs (a black lab and fawn Frenchie) are my life and I would be lost without them. As a fellow cashmere addict too, I went out for a posh supper last night in my new cashmere roll neck which was covered in little beige hairs. And, do you know what? I didn’t care one jot, it was worth the big cuddles!

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