January 06, 2016

My Blogging Style Heroes – Part One

BLOGGER STYLE HEROESIn previous years I’ve shared some of my favourite celebrity style heroes – 2012 saw Miranda Keer as the fashion flavour of the year and in 2010 Sarah Jessica Parker wore the crown. But then she always wears the crown as far as I’m concerned.

Not forgetting of course the guarantee that Olivia Palermo will frequently pop up here and on her own dedicated Pinterest board. She appears so often on Pinterest that I literally can’t keep up with pinning her closet!

More recently, I feel my wardrobe has been inspired by some favourite style bloggers, so I thought I’d share with you a few that I regularly turn to for a dose of sartorial influence.

I’ve gradually learnt that the best way to adapt the inspiration to suit my personal style is to study the look and pin down that one thing that instantly leaps off the screen. Sometimes it’s an unexpected pairing of pieces, an entire look in a favourite tone (usually monochrome for me!) or a stand out accessory that lifts an otherwise simple outfit.

Sometimes it’s all of the above in one brilliant outfit!


If I had to pick just one blogger whose style I would happily emulate EVERY single day it would be Amanda Shadforth from Oracle Fox. I discovered her blog last year via my guilty pleasure, the Fashion Bloggers series on E! Channel.

Former gallery owner and visual artist Amanda began her blog as a mood board and now counts Stylist, Creative Consultant and Photographer among the sartorial strings to her career bow.

Amanda’s sense of style whispers oh so cooly to me in monochrome tones, peppered with a healthy helpings of Céline, Givenchy and Balenciaga. Major girl crush going on here!

Shop Amanda’s Look


Over the time that I’ve been checking in with Emma’s blog, I’ve seen her Instagram following grow at at a phenomenal rate and I think she’s among the UK bloggers owning the LIKEtoKNOW.it platform!

Her blog is full of fabulous outfit inspiration and she has an amazing knack of making high street pieces look super luxe – case in point the coat above from BooHoo. Add in the Larsson & Jennings watch and all my must-wear boxes are ticked.

Shop Emma’s Look

When putting inspiration into practice, I’ll see what I already have in my possession with a similar vibe and try out the look. In lots of a few cases, it results in the purchase of an investment buy if it’s a classic item or a high street version if it’s more a seasonal, trend lead piece.

The plus points of having bloggers as style heroes is that everything usually feels much more attainable and the rate at which you can find more inspiration is always on the increase. The bank balance however…well that’s not quite the case…

In Blogging Style Heroes part two, I’ll be dissecting a look from the stylish Harper & Harley, Mija and The Chronicles Of Her so stay tuned!

THE LOOK LINKS : Oracle Fox – Nude lipgloss | Sweater | Ring | Trousers.    EJ Style – Watch | Coat | Bag | Jeans.

📌 I find Pinterest is also a brilliant style guide. I got started with my Uncomplicated Sophistication board as a place to compile looks I loved…and the obsession grew from there.

Want to know how to wear it? Type it into Pinterest. Looking to style some culottes – here you go. Got a thing for distressed denim? Me too!  📌


2 comments on “My Blogging Style Heroes – Part One”

  1. Hello you. A summary here that has left me wishing I could inject more style into the day to day. I still have the perennial struggle with MUD and COLD that renders stylish dressing something of a challenge. Do you follow any style bloggers who live in a cold climate and still look stylish? This is the absolute holy grail of dressing!! From me who won’t see my ankle exposed for another six months 🙂 L x

    1. Hello! The mud and cold thing is a nightmare when it comes to daily style – especially when you’re out walking the dog! Will give it some thought re cold climate style bloggers and tweet you links as and when I find any. I did attempt some ankle exposure this weekend but ended up coming in and putting Ugg boots on to warm my feet up! xx

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