July 04, 2016

Monday Workwear Inspiration | Bare Legs Long Sleeves

Alex Steadman wearing a bare legs long sleeves look

Monday again and in light of the on/off but mostly off summer we’re experiencing, I thought a little bare legs long sleeves inspiration was called for.

Alex from The Frugality is one of the bloggers I’ve come to hugely admire and respect over the last couple of years. Not only does she have THE BEST eye for putting an outfit together and finding superb style steals on the high street but she’s also one of the most genuine and warm people you’d wish to meet.

And responsible for many recent wardrobe additions of my own I might add. Case in point, the ASOS espadrille sandals – £16 and winging their way to me as you read this!

Jacket | Sunglasses | Nail Polish | Sweater | Bag | Black Bracelet | Gold Bracelet | Leather Skirt | Espadrille Sandals

I love love love the combination of printed sweater, textured jacket and leather skirt in this look and her expert eye for detail is apparent in the Astley Clarke bracelets and dark blue metallic nail polish.

Alex is an expert at mixing high and low budget to brilliant effect and this is one of her finest efforts to date. Hands up who wants to go shopping with this woman?! 🙋  🙋

If you love the looks Alex features on her Instagram feed, she has a handy shopping page here where you can seek out the pieces and snaffle them for yourself. Be warned – you WILL want it all!


Images via: The Frugality

2 comments on “Monday Workwear Inspiration | Bare Legs Long Sleeves”

  1. I love this jacket there is an identical one in Primark on sale £8. I actually think this is the one. Great post.

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