July 06, 2016

Oh the places you’ll go…

At the point of prepping this post, summer is still mid-stutter, the skies are looking grey, albeit a very attractive shade of my favourite hue and I’m actually contemplating socks. Socks I tell you!

Thankfully July, August and September still stretch ahead and in true optimistic mindset, I’m hoping for time spent at the beach on UK shores, a spot of al fresco dining and evenings spent in the garden. I’m also pinning all my summer hopes on one week in Majorca in August. No pressure on the family holiday to deliver then.

In the meantime, I’ll keep drawing on the memories of the beautiful places I visited whilst sailing around the mediterranean aboard the uber stylish Europa 2 at the end of May. Thankfully, the bright blues of Santorini and the darkest greys of Mount Etna in Sicily through to the beige and terracotta palettes of Palermo are more than enough to last me until August and beyond.

In order of our ports of call, here are a few postcard memories from that amazing cruise

Oia, Santorini

View from Oia in Santorini looking back to Europa 2

Blue and white church in Oia town square Santorini

Cliff top view from Oia Santorini

Pretty white church in Oia Santorini

postcard memories and Pretty street details in Oia Santorini

Monochrome striped sofa in the Santorini sunshine

White flowers against the blue skies of Santorini

Painting white roof tops in Oia Santorini

Zakynthos Town

The port of Zakynthos

Brightly coloured buildings in Zakynthos town streets

Tree lined streets in Zakynthos town

Bouganvelia under blue skies in Greece

Zakynthos Town buildings under blue skies

Town Square in Zakynthos

Stopping for beer and iced coffee in Zakynthos town

Mount Etna, Sicily

Mount Etna viewed from the port of Catania

crater up on Mount etna

lava fields on Mount Etna

walking along the edge of Mount Etna Sicily

mountain guide dog on Mount Etna

view from the lower slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily

Palermo, Sicily

getting lost in the back streets of Palermo

beige and terracotta coloured buildings of Palermo

Ornate Italian wall fountain

Pretoria fountain in Palermo Sicily

brightly painted wagon in Palermo

hand drawn colourful detail on a painted wagon in Palermo

stylish Italian man on the streets of Palermo

old woman sitting on steps in Palermo Sicily

View at the top of the stairs on the streets of Palermo

Having had just a taster of each of these wonderful places as part of my first ever cruise experience, I would happily revisit all of them again in a heartbeat and take plenty of time to explore each one.

But for now I’ll come back to this post once in a while and scroll through these colourful postcard memories as a happy reminder of that fantastic trip!

I visited Santorini, Zakynthos, Mount Etna & Palermo as a very happy guest of Hapag-Lloyd cruises aboard the beautiful Europa 2. For more details and availability, click here.


8 comments on “Oh the places you’ll go…”

  1. Oh those white washed walls of Greece! *sigh* Not that I’ve ever been to Greece – but I am off to Menorca next week! Woo hoo! Lovely photos – that have made me even more excited to be off!

  2. Stunning photo’s Amanda! Just looking at them has cheered my spirits! I too am pinning my hopes on a week of sunshine in Majorca. Which week are you going? We go Saturday 13th August to Pollensa. In the meantime, yep the socks have been on and occasionally the heating!

    Have a great Wednesday!


    1. Hi Jo – thank you and so pleased you like the pics! We go on 4th Aug so you must be the week after! Can’t wait and I’m sure you feel the same! Havea lovely Weds Sweets…and fingers crossed for some UK sun soon! Amanda xx

  3. Fantastic photos Amanda – particularly want to visit Palermo and Santorini now!
    We are off to Sardinia for 2 weeks on Saturday – beyond excited. A lot of work and end of term antics to fit in before that though!
    Have a lovely holiday in Majorca, and in the meantime enjoy your beautiful beaches! We have booked our week in the New Forest again for October, I do so love your part of the world xx

    1. Ah thank you Sharon – definitely recommend a trip to both! How wonderful re Sardinia – I bet by the time you get through all the end of school term stuff you’ll be more than ready!I hope you have a truly brilliant holiday! And perfect to hear you’re back to the New Forest in the autumn – I feel very lucky to call it home. Especially at that time of year!
      Amanda xx

  4. OMG!!! these pictures are gorgeous. I’ve never done a cruise before (as I’m terrified of big expanses of water. I know…….daft really 😉
    But love the places you visited.
    I’m sure you will have a lovely time in Mallorca (not long to wait now 😉

  5. Stunning photos and beautiful locations. We are heading back to Rhodes this september and I can’t wait. I’m getting more into the idea of cruising, maybe one day!

    1. Thanks so much Kat! Rhodes will be wonderful in September – keep on imagining those blue skies and blue seas! The right cruise is definitely worth doing – am a bit of a convert after this one! Amanda xx

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