October 18, 2018

Embracing Glasses And Making Them Part Of My Style Identity (Sponsored)

making glasses part of your style identity

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My glasses style journey…

As I began writing this I had a real head scratching moment… when *did* I actually start wearing glasses?

The answer was way back in the day – I was eighteen, had moved away from home and was living in a new town. I’d gotten a new job and had made some new friends. Except, apparently I was ignoring them in the street. Not intentionally but because I was getting increasingly shortsighted and hadn’t realised I was walking straight past people I knew!

Off I went to purchase my very first pair of glasses and I have three words for you. Bright Red Frames. Oh yeah! It was just about the end of the 80’s and I thought me and my red frames made a striking combo.

We probably did… but potentially for the wrong reasons!



Looking back, that was the beginning of my attitude to embracing glasses as a part of my style. At that point I was growing out a bleached white blonde pixie crop (think Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson), into a curly bob and I thought the red frames would match my red lip leanings.

And detract from the ever increasing black roots.

As bad as the overall look may have been, I was rocking my glasses and loving it! Fast forward a few years and I’ve learnt to incorporate them into an overall vibe, look or particular style mood that I might be in.




So when Silhouette asked if I would like to partner with them on a style post my first thoughts were absolutely yes! My second thought was that I was glad that there was no photographic evidence of my Red Frames/Black Roots phase on the blog otherwise they might not have asked!

I do dabble with contact lenses from time to time but not when I’m at my computer which is pretty much five days a week. So I’ve come to think of my glasses as another accessory that forms part of an overall day to day look.

Over the years I’ve tried a number of styles including some tortoiseshell frames (a classic) and find that they work well with pretty much whatever I wear. A recent incarnation was a pair of thick black frames that I file under geek chic. I LOVE wearing these with red lipstick for when I’m having a bold statement day.

Don’t you just love bold statement days??


For my Silhouette pair, I choose their TMA – The Icon. Accent Rings glasses as I was keen to try out the rimless look that I’ve been seeing on lots of people of late. I was also drawn to their clean, minimalistic design feel – no real surprises there then.

The TMA – The Icon. Accent Rings Collection comes in a combination of six shapes, six frames and six colours meaning that you can customise away until your heart’s content. I went for the Cool Grey/Crystal combo as I feel neutrals suit me best when it comes to eye wear these days. Sorry 18 Year Old, Red Frame Sporting me…. the bright colour days are over!

Their titanium frames (Hello indestructible!) are so lightweight and flexible that as well as for everyday use, I’ve been able to wear them to do yoga and pilates without so much as a backward glance. Or a concerned frown that I might squash and break them.

The flexible frames also come in handy for one whose eyesight is changing, as depending on whether I’m using the laptop, Mac or my phone, I find myself constantly taking my glasses on and off.

Yes… I have tried varifocals last year in some other frames but in all honesty, I can’t get on with them just yet. When it comes to investing in glasses I think you really have to go with what works best for you.


My tips for making glasses part of your style identity

If you have one or two older frames you really love, hang onto them and update them each time you get a new prescription. This way you can build up a glasses wardrobe so that you can ring the changes. It also means you’re never stuck without a spare pair.

Match your glasses to your mood. Sounds a bit strange maybe but I’ve had a few compliments when I go for the whole hair scraped back, glasses and red lip combination. Likewise, I love wearing the Silhouette pair when I have my hair down – maybe I’m imagining a cool girl, 70’s vibe in my head but I say if it works, go with whatever mood you’re feeling!



Consider your eye makeup versus lip colour strength factor when deciding on what type of glasses to wear. If you know you’re more of strong eye look kinda gal then choose your frames accordingly. I try to make sure that my glasses, eye makeup and lips aren’t all competing with each other. If I want to go for a red lip day (usually because I’m lacking sleep!) then I play down my eyes considerably.

Invest in a really good pair of prescription sunglasses too… or more than one pair if you can. Sunglasses are so important when it comes to UV protection and I love wearing them too. So having a decent, up to date prescription pair as part of my accessories arsenal is pretty vital.

What’s your take on making glasses part of your style identity?

And do you have a “wardrobe” of frames to compliment your style mood?

S T Y L E  C R E D I T S :   Glasses – Silhouette c/o | Lipstick – Crushed Lip Colour in Watermelon by Bobbi Brown | Blazer – (old) hush : similar this season | Shirt Old from Zara : similar here | Belt – hush | Cashmere Scarf – Lois Avery c/o | Watch – Michael Kors | Backpack – Kin at John Lewis c/o | Trousers – old from EILEEN FISHER : similar this season | Loafers – (old) Topshop : similar this season

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Photography: Charlotte Bryer-Ash

2 comments on “Embracing Glasses And Making Them Part Of My Style Identity (Sponsored)”

  1. Love this. I have been wearing glasses since I was 11 or 12 — as soon as I was old enough to buy additional styles I did! I have always considered glasses to be a part of my style and as my fashion changed daily…so should my glasses! When I was married back in the dark ages, my then husband built me a rack to house all the glasses in my walk-in closet. Think your local optician’s shop and you get the pix! Today I keep them in a few sectioned boxes on the hall tree next to the door I walk out of every day — last accessory to put on. All sunglasses are housed in the Jeep — they change daily too! Obsessive…maybe. But I figure as long as I have to wear them to see they should be stylish and fun! I have written a few blog entries showing some on the vintage specs I’ve worn over the years.

    1. Tanya, I’m so impressed with your dedication to glasses as an accessory – I love that they had their own rack in your wardrobe! But you’re right – they’re so important so we should treat them as such. It’s when I’e needed my glasses and couldn’t find them over the years that I realised just how much I rely on them!
      Amanda xx

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