April 23, 2015

In All Your Finery

Actually not mine or possibly yours yet but that may all soon change when I share my recent discovery, Finery.

Newly launched, this British womenswear brand has the fashion press tipping it’s hat with great enthusiasm. Vogue called it “chic, shockingly affordable and very well designed” and Sunday Times Style hit the nail on the head saying it was “…all about clothes you can fall in love with”.

Fall in love? Yes. Especially when you have a geometric stepped-hem dress for £45 and these peg trousers for £55. I LOVE the shapes, fabrics and colours in this collection – it all calls extremely loudly to my inner minimalist with a penchant for out of the ordinary detail…

Broughton pleat detail lurex jumper – £55

Tresham peg trousers – £55

Milward sheer panel jumper – £45 & Bennet joggers – £45

Brand Director Caren Downie explains a little more…“What differentiates Finery is the team’s genuine love for clothes, which is translated into an assured edit that’s priced for real life , but doesn’t compromise on design integrity. We want to create pieces to treasure, that will give girls who love fashion something to smile about”.

Not just girls but grown up women too. At these prices, I’m smiling…are you?

Shop Online Stylist Finery Favourites : scroll left & right to explore…

8 comments on “In All Your Finery”

  1. Wow, this stuff looks great! It’s quite cos-like – I went for a browse and accidentally ordered a leather dress (it flashed only 1 left at me!) – excited to see what it’s like!

  2. Love the look of Finery – minimalist chic similar to Whistles but at more reasonable prices. Wonder how the cut and fit fare?

    1. Very minimalist chic! Haven’t ordered anything myself yet though have a few things on the wish list! I’ve checked and they offer free returns and free delivery on orders over £50 so maybe worth trying a couple of pieces? At least you can return hassle free if no good?

  3. I’ve bought a few tops and shorts from Finery and their quality is very good as well as being brilliantly designed.
    They even made me fall in love with a cardigan and I hate cardigans. Thanks to Finery I now have one in my wardrobe.

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