January 06, 2015

Hush Sale Stalking

One of the bright spots in the dreary month of January surely has to be the Hush sale. With at least three more months of cold weather dressing left ahead (sorry) and the chance to pick up some pieces you’ll bring out again and again at up to 70% off, it would be madness not to have a browse.

Like all savvy sale shoppers and in the spirit of Blue Peter (here’s one I made earlier), I’ve chosen a selection of pieces I’d buy ahead of the sale going live at midnight last night. As I wrote this post I was crossing my fingers that at least one or two of them will be reduced and available in my size. Lets see…

Hover on product & click or… 1 Quilted Dress // 2 Twisted Snood // 3 Long-Length Tank // 4 Henley Dress // 5 Bed Shorts // Muse Skirt

I have the Quilted Dress in black already but after seeing my friend E’s white version, I was somewhat hooked – winter white works for me every time. Especially when it’s paired with the Twisted Snood that I’ve been contemplating ever since the collection was released last year.

Basics are hard to beat and I could definitely use a new grey tank. The longer the better in the cold weather. And speaking of basics, sales are great for stocking up on Hush sleep wear – I’m hoping that the beetroot striped Bed Shorts will be reduced this time around.

More dresses I know but dark mornings call for simplistic dressing and I love the grey Henley Dress – perfect for layering. And maybe the only thing that could tempt me away from staple dresses would be a great black skirt

Have you got your eye on any potential Hush sale snap-ups?

You can shop the sale here… don’t delay, the good stuff flies out the door faster than you can say style staple!

2 comments on “Hush Sale Stalking”

  1. I bought a lot of things but sent back the yellow jumper – better on dark hair and the quilted skirt – too tight and narrow at the bottom. kept the waterfall cardi in a speckly colour – words cannot describe how wonderful this is! Also kept stripy bedsocks and eye masks for presents and the tuxedo jacket – again a really great piece so all in all the only sale to go to!

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