October 31, 2017

How To Succeed As A Style Blogger

how to succeed as a style blogger

Want to know how to succeed as a style blogger?

Whilst I now consider (and call myself) a life and style blogger, I still consider my roots firmly grounded in the community of style blogging.

I remember discovering my very first personal style blogs back in the day (circa 2008), and loving the reality element that just wasn’t available anywhere else.

Here were ordinary people showing me what they were wearing – being one as wardrobe nosey as me you can only imagine how excited this made me!

Fast forward to 2017 and one of the things I hear most often from my female friends about style blogs is that some of their old favourites and many new ones too sometimes come up a little short on the reality front.

It’s a bit of a conundrum rather than a criticism as, in general, I feel its just symptomatic of the progress made in the style blogging industry.

Venice canals blush buildings at sunset

When it began it was all tripods and timers, mirror selfies and the occasional higher quality shot on location when you could persuade a willing helper to snap away for you.

Now things have moved on in leaps and bounds. We have brand sponsored projects, technology that makes it easier to produce beautiful imagery and a whole new breed of creative entrepreneurial women (and men) who are finding innovative ways to get their own message out there.

Bloggers have become brands themselves. I hear the phrase Digital Influencer more often than I make a cup of coffee and Instagram Husbands and Wives are commonplace. We can even train them!

online stylist wearing lois avery cashmere scarf in venice

Despite what you might hear, blogging is not over. Style blogging is not over.

A blog is still the one thing in the online world that you and only you can truly own. It acts as the perfect hub to anchor all your social media channels, business ventures and email databases to.

As well as all the mechanics of blogging that I’ve covered and have yet to cover, I think there are a few general rules of thumb when it comes to how to succeed as a style blogger. And they’re not rocket science.

So if you’re still thinking about becoming a style blogger, or any other type of blogger for that matter, take a look at these five cornerstones for continued growth…

Be Relatable

How relatable you are will depend on who your core audience is. First things first – seek out this information if you haven’t already – say Hello to the Audience Demographics section in Google Analytics! And then play to your own strengths and your audience’s wants and needs.

Attainability is key. No one wants to be made to feel that yes, that’s lovely but I couldn’t wear it.

As a forty eight year old blogger, my demographics tell me that 54% of my audience is aged between 35 and 54. The rest is a fairly even split between the other ends of the scale.

I’m a firm believer in ageless style so the pieces that I end up featuring on the blog can generally be worn by any woman in any group. But your core audience will always be the ones who return time and time again and shop your recommendations.

So you need to pay attention to what they tell you.

Be Aspirational

My personal view is that whilst I want to consume media messages that feel achievable, I also want something to aspire to now and again.

Aspire rhymes with both desire and inspire… and with good reason.

Whether it’s a state of mind, an achievement, lifestyle choices or just pure and simple pretty things; some will inspire me and some I’ll out and out desire. I’m looking at you CÉLINE bag!

If in the course of blogging, if you follow the golden rule that every post should aim to either inspire, inform or entertain the reader then you’re onto a good thing.

If you can do all three then you’re a blogging goddess!

wandering the streets and canals of Venice in autumn

WEARING:   Sunglasses – After Hours by Quay Australia | Cashmere Scarf – Lois Avery | Jersey Top – hush  : more sizes in this one too | Bag (old) Mango : similar here | Watch – Michael Kors | Leather Leggings – hush | Trainers – (old) Nike at ASOS : similar here

Be a coach

Being an effective style blogger is more than just publishing pics of yourself in your latest purchase.

You need to show and encourage your readers what they can do with their own wardrobes. How to wear it, how to achieve “the look” on a variety of budgets, how to grow and develop their confidence so they can in turn, develop their own style.

Be the voice that says “Go on…try something new or out of your comfort zone! What have you got to lose?”

The perfect example? For the last four years I thought that I was only worthy of wearing faux leather leggings because I wasn’t a perfect size ten.

Life changing leather leggings…

Having recently told myself how utterly ridiculous that was, I treated myself to these real deal, hush leather leggings and if leg wear can be considered life changing then you can consider my life changed!

Yes I look better in them with long line tops that skim the hips as opposed to a shirt tucked in but OH MY GOD do they fit and feel great to wear. I’m so glad I gave them a go.

As your “coach” I would urge you to do the same!

Develop your voice

One of the things that always comes up at the blogging workshops I co-host with Hero is the importance of developing your own unique voice.

Pure and simply put, your vibe attracts your tribe.

Be the voice that says Go On! Try that on – it’ll look great on you!

Be the friend to go online shopping with. The one who might push you slightly out of your comfort zone to buy a standout piece. Or a pair of leather leggings *coughs*…

I’m all for running after other women
on the street & telling them they look amazing…

In my book, there’s no better feeling when you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone a little and worn something that’s turned the head a fellow fashion loving female… and maybe even drawn a compliment.

On that side note, I’m all for running after other women on the street and telling them they look amazing. This is mostly really well received – no restraining orders issued yet!

When I’m writing a blog post, I generally have several of my girlfriends in mind and I write as if we’re chatting. The minute I come over all editor-y and try to be The Voice Of Authority, I just come across as complete prat if I’m honest!

wearing hush leather leggings and grey jersey top in venice

Stay In Touch With New Developments In The Industry

Ignore all the new goings on at your peril is what I would say when it comes to advances, trends and social media.

No – you don’t have to do everything and be on every single platform. No one has the time or the brain capacity for that.

But having witnessed the launch of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat in the course of my blogging journey, I know it would have been foolish to ignore these. And I wouldn’t have had half the opportunities I have had without them.

Except Snapchat – that one’s not for me. Give me Instagram Stories any day!

I think there’s a good combined formula for each of us and besides your blog, you should always channel a large proportion of your efforts towards your favourite (Instagram for me) and simply maintain the others as best as time allows.

And don’t be afraid to try something new. Yes… I’m looking at you YouTube!

gondoliers on the canals of venice

That’s it – not rocket science and pretty simple in essence. And the perfect chance to show you a few snaps from my recent trip to Venice!

This leather leggings outfit had to wait for an early evening stroll as the weather was glorious. And I have to say a special thanks to my Instagram Wife in Venice, Monica, who took my outfit photos! 📷 😘

Keep an eye out for more Venice content soon! I’ll give you a brief run down of the things we managed to do in our two and half day trip and add in a few of my own Newbie Italian Getaway tips.

Meanwhile, if you love looking at style blogs for inspiration, here’s a small sample of some of my favourites – some relatable, some aspirational and some that inspire me to try something new:

For relatable & affordable style – The Frugality
Love a wardrobe built on black & white? Try – Harper & Harley
Great edits of the latest buys & inspirational snaps? That’s what We Are Twinset are for!
Someone who inspires me all the time with how hard she works, not to mention her wardrobe – Damsel In Dior
A fellow beach side dweller across the pond – Jess Ann Kirby
A minimal style blog with a great line in capsule wardrobe posts – Unfancy
The I Want EVERYTHING She Wears one – Style Memos

And if you’re thinking about getting started with blogging but haven’t yet made the leap, you can download my freebie guide here!

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13 comments on “How To Succeed As A Style Blogger”

  1. Amanda, another generous post with so much valuable advice. Thank you for sharing … and for featuring your Lois Avery too. You are a special one. J xx

    1. Ooh Lauren – I feel your pain. I detest the dreaded blogger slump don’t you?
      Let it wash over you and step away from the computer to get plenty of inspiration elsewhere. Your Instagram feed ALWAYS inspires me!
      Amanda xx

  2. Leather leggings! I’ve found two perfect pair dirt cheap and enjoying the heck out of them! Definitely going to post on my blog with a bit of ‘coaching’ for my friends. Thanks for this post!

  3. Took the plunge and bought some leather leggings from Allsaints as 20% off at the moment. Perfect for those of us who are vertically challenged (I’m 5’4″ just and they are the perfect length). Will have to wait until Christmas to wear them though. Love your feel-good blog and Instagram feed. Always cheer me up and great for style inspiration. Thanks.

    1. Hey Victoria!
      Yay – so glad you went for the leather leggings – they sound amazing!
      And thank so much for your kind words re the blog and Instagram – this makes me so happy!
      Amanda xx
      p.s. Don’t wait until Christmas to break out those leggings – wear them now… all the time! xx

  4. I took the plunge and bought the leather leggings, which I love. I am 58 though and am wondering if there is can age at which they start looking mutton dressed as lamb -ish. That was my husband’s reaction which doesn’t bother me because he has no fashion sense, but i was wondering what you think. I see them as a very practical option, particularly when travelling, as you can dress them up or down. I am 58 in years but in my head I am still 30 so am not always the best judge of these things!

    1. Hey Sally!
      So glad you went ahead with the leather leggings! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times more – there should be no number attached to style – its much more about how you feel and what looks good on you. I don’t always listen to my husband either when it comes to style matters – most of the time he gets it but sometimes a trend just goes over his head!
      I bet they look amazing on you and I’m with you on being practical. I say wear them with pride!
      Amanda xx

  5. Lovely read Amanda, thanks for posting and sharing what you have learnt. I can’t get enough of it at the moment as I am writing the first posts for my own blog. Oh dear I think I’m going to look back and cringe. Got to start somewhere. Helen

    1. Hey Helen!
      Thanks so much and you’re very welcome! So glad you found it very useful and really pleased to hear you’re starting a blog of your own!
      It’s funny but I think most of us look back and cringe at our early attempts – it would be impossible to get right and seeing as its an ever evolving media, I think there’s always something to improve on.
      Good luck and well done for just starting and getting it out there!
      Amanda xx

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