December 18, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide | Foodie Fabulousness!

presents for those who appreciate all
the foodie fabulousness

Food glorious food! There really is nothing better in my book and especially at this time of year.

Whenever we start planning Christmas, you can bet your cheese knife that what we’re going to have to eat is always top of the list.

From that first mince pie to the ceremonial cooking (I’m not kidding!) of The Ham on Christmas Eve, and the smoked salmon and champagne Christmas morning breakfast to every single opportunity to enjoy leftovers, the Holiday Season has to be about the foodie fabulousness!

So if you know someone who’s kickin’ it in the kitchen, is born to be on Bake Off or just loves nothing more than a good old fashioned menu planning session, this is the gift guide for you.

Now would someone please pass the cheese…

1 Cafetiere | 2 Pantry Jar | 3 Napkins | 4 Cutlery Set | 5 Nordic Jar | 6 Hazelnut & Sea Salt Chocolate | 7 Marble Condiment Set | 8 Cheese Board & Carafe Set | 9 Cocktail Set | 10 The Cocktail Guy Book | 11 KitchenAid Mixer | 12 Pink Champagne Truffles | 13 Copper Roasting Tray | 14 Apron | 15 Cheese Slicer  | 16 Curio Rock Samphire Gin | 17 The Art Of The Larder Book

As you might have guessed, anything to do with cheese is all good – especially when you pair it with wine in the form of an oak board and carafe set. And if you want to elevate your cheese consumption opportunities (and why wouldn’t you?!), how about a Georg Jensen Cheese Slicer?

Oh and that White Company apron? Call us old and sad if you will but Mr OS and I have bought one for each other as a gift to ourselves and to the new kitchen… coming in January!

There may not be that many shopping days left when it comes to last minute online deliveries but if you get in quick you can still make the most of the OS Gift Guide Series and the Holiday Shop (up there ⬆️ in the menu bar).

For the last in the Festive Quick Fix feature over there ➡️  in the sidebar, you’ll find a few ideas for that all important hostess gift. Buy a couple and start a gift drawer for those last minute seasonal emergenices.

In terms of the gift guides, that’s it from me until next year – it’s been emotional!

I’ll be back later on this week with my last post for 2017… seriously… where has this year gone??

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