May 31, 2017

Going Where The Palm Trees Are…

palm trees in Majorca

Off in search of palm trees…

Ever had a mad five minutes?

A mad five minutes that starts with a conversation about wanting to be where the palm trees are, basking in the warmth of the sun and ends with you sitting in your PJs booking flights?

That was us a few weeks ago and so now I’m off. Away with the family, in search of those palm trees in Majorca for a few days!

The chance for a rest couldn’t have come at a better time if I’m honest. It’s the turn of that stage. You know the one where for your own sanity’s sake you have to STEP AWAY from the computer, get a grip and accept you can’t take on extra work and still keep up blogging business as usual.

So to thoughts of summer breaks! Packing for warmer climes inspired me to think about the things I love to take with me…and a few that you might like to pop in your suitcase this summer if you’re vacationing or stay-cationing any time soon..

Whatever you’re up to this summer half term week, I wish you plenty of relaxation, sunshine and fun!

I’ll be back after our break but on a reduced posting schedule to enable me to catch up on that pesky admin, prepare for the hero Advanced Blogging Workshop and get ready for the #TOSrefresh2017 launch!

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Now then…about those palm trees…


STYLE CREDITS: Living Proof Restore Shampoo c/o | Cult Gaia Ark Bag | Pineapple Earrings – hush c/o | Seaspray Swimsuit c/o | & Other Stories Fedora Hat | Suede Tassel Sandals – The White Company c/o | Silk Drawstring Maxi Dress – The White Company | Salcombe Stripe Towel – The White Company | Superskin Moisturiser – Liz Earle c/o | Babouche Shoes – Next | Pom Pom Clutch – ASOS | Beach Towel – Hammamhavlu c/o

2 comments on “Going Where The Palm Trees Are…”

  1. Ahh. Exhaling upon reading this…and hope you’re exhaling and savouring a true break. Cooler weather is more my thing, but I SO hear you on taking real time off – and time away from the computer. (Oh, and adore that maxi dress!)

    1. Thanks so much Dana! The break was wonderful and felt like a proper rest even though we were only away for a few days. I like a cool weather break too – I never really mind what the weather is doing actually, so long as it feels like a break!
      Have a wonderful week!
      Amanda xx

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