January 17, 2015


These images are a testament to Mr OLS’s passion for photography.

At least I’m imagining it’s his passion for being behind the lens that made him get out of bed at 6.30am during the holidays and head off into the forest with the dog, coffee flask in hand, to capture the frosty sunrise…

Photography: Patrick Start

4 comments on “Frozen”

  1. Hello darling! Just got back from the New Forest and so I can attest to how beautiful it is there. And these images especially are just lovely. Worth the early start. Is he thinking about following this as a vocation?! Really enjoyed – while we are on the topic of your locale – The Pig! Spent a very happy day and night there with my oldest friends, eating and drinking and laughing too much (is that possible?!). Wonderful. Lou x

    1. Hello! So glad you enjoyed your stay at The Pig – wonderful place! Am pretty fond of our forest location I have to say – so much beauty! Perhaps we should have lunch at The Pig for our meet up? Will email. No – it’s Mr OLS’s hobby and it comes in very handy for outfit posts on the blog I have to say. More time to practice would be nice though! xxx

  2. Gorgeous photos, Mr OLS is super talented! I have to admit I’ve never been to the New Forest although I’ve always wanted to go. These photos have made me determined to go this year – but maybe when it’s a bit warmer!

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