May 12, 2017

Four Unexpected Style Pairings To Try This Spring & Summer

When you think about exactly what it is that makes you look twice and nod in silent appreciation with an exclamation of “Wow…she looks AMAZING!” (or sometimes in my case out loud!), what is it that draws a reaction?

For me its the matching up of the unpredicted. When someone wears something in a way I wouldn’t immediately have thought of, I’m instantly hooked on their style.

Personally I think its a lot easier to carry off those unexpected style pairings in spring and summer.

The warmer weather adds more scope for high/low partnering – one thing covered, one thing exposed without actually freezing in the name of being a style head turner.

So here’s a few ideas to try as the temperatures start to warm up…and no doubt rapidly cool down again. Just to sartorially confuse you…

Grey Sweater | Cashmere Sweater | Straw Hat | Cross Body Bag | Sandals | Pale Wash Cut Offs | Ripped Black Cut Offs | Mid Blue Cut Offs

I say cashmere and cut offs but it doesn’t have to be cashmere – it can any good and soft, well loved jumper. But if you have one of those in my favourite fibre then I salute you!

And I know. There are a lot of really tanned, really slim legs in cut offs on Pinterest that quite frankly are enough to make me want to jump straight back into trousers right now.

But find the right shorts, add the faux glow and good sandals and I believe it can be done. Tip: for somewhere like Topshop, I’ll look at the TALL options as you get more leg length in the denim.

It’s a look that says Hey…I just walked off the beach, it got a bit chilly so I slung on old oversized sweater. And now I look divine in a made you stop and stare kinda way.

Wear With: This hat, a cross body bag, maybe some sneakers and these sunnies.

A.P.C. Sweatshirt | Femme Forever Tee | Palm Beach Tee | Deja Vu Tee | Converse | Pink Maxi Skirt | Sunglasses | Frayed Denim Mules | Gingham Skirt

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t know why but skirts are something I struggle with. I am skirtically challenged if you will.

Maybe I just don’t wear them enough but whether we’re talking pencil, mini, midi or maxi, they generally present me with a style conundrum.

Particularly the maxi – my biggest issue is that I don’t want to look too boho. I tried that one in the summer after H was born and I still cringe at the pics when I look back.

Then I saw my uber stylish friend Monica rock this look and I was hooked. Slogan Tee or sweater and sneakers with your maxi. Of course!

And I love Alex’s gingham skirt with her slogan Tee too. It takes the girliness out of the gingham for me.

Wear With: A straw tote as Monica does, mules or sandals and a devil may care attitude!

Madewell Hat | Cream Dress | Openwork Detail Dress | Cardigan | ASOS Shirt Dress | Open Back Ankle Boots | Brown Ankle Boots | Black Suede Boots | Black Backpack

Again…you could risk going a little bit Little House On The Prairie side of boho here if you’re not careful. Laura Ingles is not generally the look I’m aim for.

But bare legs and ankle boot season is my favourite…and it only comes around but twice a year in late spring and early autumn. So I try and take advantage.

I really like how Talisa Sutton styls her dress + boots formula but thats probably because its monochrome. Natch.

Mija always gets this look so right – the tan accessories add a luxe grown up feel. And for me it would always be flat boots. If broderie or lace dress isn’t your thing, try a simple shirt dress.

Wear With: A slouchy cardigan on colder days.

White Shirt | Biker Jacket | Striped Dress | Wanderlust Tote | Open Back Loafers | Topshop Loafers | Jeans | Pom Pom Basket | Pom Pom Mules | Red Trim Handbag

Don’t save your straw bag for the beach. I mean do take it with you when you go coastal or off on your summer vacation but it’s good for so much more than that.

The juxtaposition of an oversized straw tote or basket bag with a crisp white shirt, jeans, and loafers is pure style genius.

Straw and stripes, straw and summer whites – it all works for me.

For more summer straw tote selections, check out this post packed full of new summer editions.

Wear With: Pom Poms, backless loafers and everything else!

For more inspiration from bloggers who do the unexpected style pairing so well check out, Alex at The Frugality, Mija and Lucy Williams.

And don’t forget Pinterest – it’s your style search engine!


Image Credits: The Frugality | The Elgin Avenue Instagram


3 comments on “Four Unexpected Style Pairings To Try This Spring & Summer”

  1. I LOVE these style tips. I also struggle with skirts – though I did bring out the topshop scalloped mini skirt earlier in the week paired with a slogan tee, so I’m clearly on the same wavelength. Just need to hunt down that risk it for a biscuit tee.

    1. I don’t know why skirts are such a struggle – its like they require more brain power!
      I LOVE that Risk It For A Biscuit tee – let me know if you find it Tasha!
      Have a lovely weekend!
      Amanda xx

  2. I love these looks! I used to often combine shorts and jumpers and dresses and boots, you’ve inspired me to get the legs out again (after a bit of toning and tanning!)
    Have a gorgeous weekend!
    Laura x

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