February 13, 2017

My Five Dog Walking Essentials

online stylist walking Biscuit at the beach

Five Dog Walking Essentials I Never Leave Home Without!

Since having Biscuit, as much as some days I curse having to go out (generally when the weather is really bad!), I’ve grown to love and appreciate our dog walks.

Fresh air, physical activity, a chance to clear the mind and just be in the moment with a four legged friend who’s having the time of their life is highly underrated.

Before I leave the house there are a few dog walking essentials I always ensure I have with me…and we’re not just talking about the glaringly obvious choice of poop bags here…

My Phone

I never go anywhere without my iPhone anyway but I’m particularly obsessive about having it on me whilst walking. There are the obvious emergency reasons such as car break downs, dogs that might run off (fingers crossed it hasn’t happened yet), or in the case of Mr OS last weekend –  a lost car key “somewhere along the beach”.

But I find that as I’ve gone for a walk to invariably clear my head, thats when the best ideas happen and so voice memo recording has become my new best friend. That and the chance to snap Biscuit for her frequent Instagram beach babe moments!

Wrapped up against the winter cold by the sea

online stylist down at the beach

Chewton Bunny Beach

Really Good Boots

We’re still mostly in mud territory, therefore good strong wellies are still required for the walks in the depths of the New Forest. But there’s also the occasional need for a good winter boot at this time of year.

For icy and frosty mornings (my favourite kind!) I’ve been turning to a pair of Arctic Apres Lace boots from The Original Muck Boot Company. No slip ups and fleecy lining equals a sturdy & cosy walk. A little snow wouldn’t hurt though…

dog walking essentials

wrapped up warm in a cosy parka for winter dog walks

dog walking in Gap parka and muck snow boots

The Shades!

Sunglasses are my one concession to style on a dog walk. I may be in scruff mode but if I’m wearing my Celiné sunnies, I’m happy. I love mine and these are one of those things that I refuse to save for best.

Whatever the season, the light at the beach is generally a lot brighter which I love. I sometimes leave the house in the morning, blinking like a mole into the sunlight so shades are great for hiding behind.

And avoiding eye contact with the person whom Biscuit has just leapt on…

oyster catchers in flight

online stylist carrying Jaeger laboratory wythe backpack

Labrador enjoying Dorset beach in winter


Cross Body

Going hands free is vital on dog walks so a cross body bag is a must.

If I have pocket pack tissues, lip balm, hand sanitiser (you don’t need me to explain that one), water and treats for getting disobedient but food driven dogs to come back to me, I feel prepared for every eventuality.

the perfect spotify play list for winter beach walks

Wireless Headphones

Whether its to zone out to music or listen to a pod cast, I always take my wireless headphones for solo beach walks.

In spring and summer, it feels totally indulgent to sit on the sand at the end of our walk and just watch the waves whilst listing to a few tunes.

And lately, having finally cottoned on to pod casts, I’m loving Me & Orla’s brilliant new Instagram series – Hashtag Authentic and Garance Dore’s Pardon My French.

Do you have a set of items that you never leave at home when out for a walk?

🎶  My current favourite Spotify Playlists for beach walks – Have a listen & let me know what you think! 🎶

Early Grey Morning
Winter Acoustic

STYLE NOTES: Sunglasses – Celiné | Parka – old from GAP : similar here | Jumper – H&M : similar here | Scarf – Lois Avery | Laboratory Wythe Backpack – Jaeger | Water Bottle – bkr | Cashmere Beanie – hush | Lip Balm – Benefit | iPhone 6s Plus | Wireless Headphones – Sudio | Jeans – Dorothy Perkins | Boots – The Original Muck Boot Company c/o

2 comments on “My Five Dog Walking Essentials”

  1. Lovely dog OLS, definately with you on the mind clearing properties of dog walking.
    Warm breathable coat, gloves, goretex walking boots, poop bags and dog treats are my mainstays. My ‘little’ pooch (40kg rottweiler) doesn’t like getting her paws wet, so guess who walks through the puddles?
    No phone or bag unless we are on the way to the vets (we are lucky enough to have a country park on our doorstep, so we’re rarely in the car). I’m all practicality, so my coat has horizontal pockets, so dog treats are accessible but don’t fall out – bribery is always acceptable when you’re a food driven dog (big dog biscuit is acceptable bribery for good behaviour when having ears rinsed!).

    1. That’s funny re the puddles! Biscuit jumps over them too! And oh the coat pocket thing – if someone else has dog treats in their pocket, Biscuit is all over them like a rash. Luckily, most people understand the food driven lab thing!
      Have a lovely Sunday! x

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