October 03, 2016

Essential Monday Reading To Motivate & Inspire

essential monday reading to motivate and inspire

Header Image: The Elgin Avenue

Since I’ve been working for myself, I generally feel positive, motivated and raring to get back to my desk on a Monday. Doing a job I’m 100% passionate about and committed to is clearly a contributing factor in that and something never to be taken for granted.

If it’s been a great weekend filled with quality time, happy moments and some rest then I feel inspired, recharged and rejuvenated enough to begin the week again. But it also works for me on the on the flip side too.

When I have one of THOSE weekends – you know the parenting hell ones when you can’t do anything right and sink despairingly into a large G&T by the time Sunday evening rolls around?

Then it makes me even more keen to get back to my desk on Monday morning and feel at least I can be in control of something again. Something just for me, completely detached from being a mum and something that doesn’t answer back, roll it’s eyes and present me with an ongoing list of challenges!

But even with a job you really really love, there are always those lacklustre times. General apathy, tiredness, severe lack of creativity, feeling like you have no one to cajole you into action or just general preoccupation with the rest of life – all of these can leave me lacking on the inspiration, motivation and productivity front all at once.

That’s when I rely on a few favourite blogs and sites to pick me up, feed me some positivity or just some practical pointers that help with the feeling of being a bit overwhelmed by the non-stop list of tasks.

Their common denominators? They’re written and created by women, they ooze positive, and inclusive vibes and I find every single one of them inspirational both in terms of goals and attitude to life.

Some proffer useful tips on organisation and time management and some are so pretty that they make me smile but they all have that read it and feel good factor that I sometimes crave when working by myself.

If you work at home, write a blog, are running a start up business or feel you’re just in need of some essential Monday reading to help on the motivation front, bookmark and check in with a few of these once in a while…


essential monday reading

The Elgin Avenue

This Renegade Love

Advice From A Twenty Something

My Domaine

Glitter Guide

Elle & Co

Jess Lively

The Lifestyle Edit

Chloé Digital

Jenna Kutcher

Career Girl Daily

The Everygirl

I hope you find something to inspire and kickstart your Monday or any day in the list above.

Do you have any favourite blogs that you look to for a positive pick-me-up? I’d love to add some more to my list so please feel free to drop me a line in the comments below!

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4 comments on “Essential Monday Reading To Motivate & Inspire”

  1. I love some of those blogs too – I’m also loving Notes From a Stylist by Sara Delaney – love her fun take on perking up your style at any age.

  2. Amanda, thank you so much for the inclusion in this roundup! I am so touched by your piece – it’s so true, there are certain online destinations which I too feel are like checking in with a good friend. Or a jolt of beautiful inspiration!

    I so appreciate being included in this gorgeous roundup, and I am checking out some of the other sites I haven’t heard of before. Thank you for giving me new sites to add to my roster!

    Here’s to a positive week ahead. I’m cheers’ing you an XXL coffee!

    Monica xx

    1. You’re so welcome Monica! It’s great to have a support network in the form of blogs for those days when you need some extra input on the creative and motivation front – I think my morning coffee wouldn’t be the same without them…or your lovely blog!
      Amanda xx

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