April 01, 2019

Sliding Into Neutral | Easy Soft Muted Tones For Spring


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why soft muted tones for spring?

Possibly a daft question because quite frankly… why not?

Maybe not if you love bright colour and a riot of pattern. Although I suspect if that’s the case, you’re possibly not a regular visitor here.

As I consider having the official title of Mrs Greige tattooed across my forehead (joking), the thought of spring spent surrounded by soft tones fills me with happiness beyond measure.

When I looked around for inspiration and ideas for this post, what I found just made me let out one of those long calm exhalations… and let me tell you, there haven’t been too many of those around here lately.

Soft muted tones and warm neutrals just feel like a breath of fresh air and isn’t that what spring is all about?

Despite what might be simmering beneath the surface of the day to day, a feeling of air and lightness is where I at least try to aim for.

Spring lightness is that moment you realise you’ve been able to go out in shoes with no socks and your feet haven’t fallen off from frostbite. Or when you stop to turn your face up to the sun and realise that you’ve felt like you’ve been in hibernation all winter long.

It’s when you find a patch of sunlight on the sofa to curl up in and get the chance to close your eyes for a moment or two, just soaking up the warmth.

There’s nothing quite like the long awaited arrival of spring….

the inspiration

PHOTO CREDITS: Beach : Marlene Lee | Mules – Everlane* | White Top & Jeans – The White Company* | Vase – ARKET* | Bedroom From Harper & Harley by Ana Suntay-Tanedo | White Shirts – COS* | Silk Shirt On Hooks – My Blog Post | Side Table – The White Company* | Long White Shirt – COS* | My Living Room – Charlotte Bryer-Ash | Cashmere On Rail – My Instagram

Ivory silk tops, white cotton shirts hung in a row and minimal greenery in singular vases to bring the outdoors in.

Wearing cashmere (of course) and bone coloured denim with the chicest of mules. Sunlit shadows on walls and the thrill of being able to hang laundry outside on the washing line for the first time.

It’s my local beach bathed in a gentle light, when the tide has gone out just far enough for me to walk along soft creamy sand.

And maybe that bedroom makeover that keeps springing to the forefront of my mind – especially when I saw Sara’s on her blog recently.

I’m imagining the palest of white walls, soft layered neutral cosiness and lots of texture. But also a really good black out blind too!

the soft tone spring list

1   Wall Art – Oliver Bonas*  | 2  Dress – MATIN*  |  3  Bamboo Deckchair – Broste Copenhagen*  |  4  Stone Vase – Broste Copenhagen*  |  5  Calone 17 Candle – Le Labo*  |  6  Easy Raglan Tee – Everlane*  |  7  Bag – Loewe*  |  8  Belted Jumpsuit – COS*  |  9  Seagrass Basket – ARKET*  |  10  Towels – John Lewis & Partners*  |  11  Linen Dress – John Lewis & Partners*  |  12  Blazer – Baukjen*  |  13  Bulb Vase – ARKET*  |  14  Wide Leg Chinos – Everlane*  |  15  The Boss Mule – Everlane*

As a point of note, after a self-imposed shopping ban to help stop unnecessary buying to try and appease my mood, I recently bought the belted jumpsuit from COS* and the Calone 17 candle by Le Labo*.  I’m happy to confirm they were both worth the purchase.

The jumpsuit* trousers are super long on me but I’ll be taking them to a dressmaker to get them hemmed to the perfect length to wear with flats, sneaker or a low sandal. Something worth doing when you find THE jumpsuit.

As a bit of a recent convert to Le Labo, I think this candle* smells like the most perfect oceanic fragrance you could ever imagine. I’ve yet to light it as I’m saving it for a really sunny spring evening but the smell of marine notes mixed with geranium and amber is already drifting around the living room.

And you’ve probably noticed more than a few things popping up from Everlane* on the blog lately. That’s because not only could I happily wear most pieces they have on their site but their policy on transparent pricing and ethical production is exactly what’s needed.

Last year I was gifted a pair of jeans and some mules (you can see them in this post) and the quality is fantastic for the price point. I’m thinking this brand is worthy of a whole edit post of its own further down the line…

S H O P  T H E  P O S T *


Header Image: Everlane*

8 comments on “Sliding Into Neutral | Easy Soft Muted Tones For Spring”

  1. Love this post, information provided about brands I have not used before is useful. Photography as always is spot on.
    Love the neutral palate of colours.

    Great start to the week, also the fact I am in Valencia helps.

  2. Right thats it!
    Amanda, I am finally decluttering! You have inspired me (yet again) starting with the office. However I simply cant get rid of over 20 years of Vogues, so they stay and then there is a shelf of notebooks…hmmm this is not going to be easy!
    Can you pop over and help???
    best Ashley x

    1. Haha… I feel the same about my pile of Kinfolk magazines Ashley. To that end I would say don’t get rid of the Vogues as they clearly make you happy. Keep ’em but declutter something else to make more room for them! 😉
      A xxx

  3. When I saw this, I thought that it’s great that beige is on trend this year, way more to chose from – right up your street!
    I love doing tonal blue, so tonal beige/ cream should be relatively easy! And I can easily team it with my reds/ blues and pinks! I’ll never be a neutral girl, unless you count navy and cream, and find myself think that if leopard is a neutral, then so is a breton even if it’s not a navy or black version! And regardless of my love of colour (especially blue, did I mention blue?), I always find inspiration on your blog!

    1. Sue I love that despite me being Mrs Monochrome and you loving colour, you can still find inspiration here! And Im fairly sure that in most instances, leopard will always be a neutral!
      A xx

  4. Love this post! I’ve had my eye on those mules and chinos from Everlane since they were launched. It might be about time I invested in them!

    I adore that jumpsuit from COS, but sadly they won’t ship to Canada, and the one store we have doesn’t carry a good selection. I also find COS is not designed for anyone with hips 🙁

    I’m staying fairly neutral for spring as well with pops of pink and purple.

    1. Did you get the mules Michelle??
      I love COS and I have hips aplenty! I think its about choosing the pieces right for our own shape though I guess. I hope COS will ship to Canada for you soon… although Everlane make a for a very good substitute in my book!
      A xx

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