July 10, 2018

Easy Minimal Basics I Wish I Had In My Wardrobe Right Now!


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Easy minimal basics to stay cool in during a heatwave

Apart from a drop in temperature, all I’m craving right now is a pile of easy minimal basics to pick from when it comes to getting dressed. Fuss, faff and frou frou is NOT  the order of the day in this heat. Everything, including what I wear, has to be simple right now.

Hhmmm… it would seem that despite various ongoing edits, when it comes to my wardrobe contents, there is a distinct lack of things to wear when it’s ridiculously warm all day and all night. I say ridiculously – don’t hate me but whilst I love this weather when I don’t have to do anything but sit still (read: never), I’m kind of over the sleepless nights and the sticky feeling that descends the minute you step outside.

I love it when it’s warm in the UK but not this warm for this long. Perhaps if we lived in aircon houses that meant sleeping was easy then I could embrace it more. But without quality sleep, the novelty is starting to wear off – especially when it comes to getting dressed. First world problems I know but I’m currently welcoming the distraction of something trivial.

I’ve dodged back and forth between the closet and the ironing basket these past few days because, lets face it, its too hot for an ironing marathon and a marathon is what it will take to clear the current pile.

And every time I rummage through the pile or frown at the hanging rail, I find myself thinking I need a few more simple cotton and jersey dresses – this one would be a good starter for ten. Dresses that you pull on and they hang, swing and don’t cling. Basically something that means you can feel the breeze. If there is one.

Apart from basic T-shirts, I also have a distinct lack of short sleeved tops – all my favourites are long sleeved. Turns out I need to pay attention when it comes to any future seasonal shopping. And to sleeve lengths it would seem.

Some suitable summer nightwear wouldn’t go amiss either. A light robe, cotton mix and match PJ shorts and tops or a slip of a nightie to pad about in come the morning.

For now I’ll get through this summer with what I have but in readiness for next year (and the heatwave that definitely won’t materialise now that I typed this), here are the kind of easy minimal basics I’d be looking to acquire to make heatwave dressing a little easier…

Slip Dress – Baukjen | Stripe Dress – hush | Black Maxi Dress – hush | Short Sleeve Shirt – Madewell | Short Sleeve Linen Top – Monsoon | Sandals – Ancient Greek | Girlfriend Chinos – hush | Shorts – James Perse | PJ Set – Eberjey

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2 comments on “Easy Minimal Basics I Wish I Had In My Wardrobe Right Now!”

  1. I too have been wising the warm weather away (much to the confusion of those around me!). I find when I’m in the studio it’s fine because I can wear next to nothing and not be seen but venturing on to the streets is a different matter entirely… breezy dresses and skirts with something from the wonderful White T-shirt Company are doing the trick!

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