April 25, 2015

Do Small Things With Great Love

Surely a mantra to live by? In a fast paced world where attempting to cram in as much as possible into so little time becomes the everyday norm, it’s easy to let precious moments slip by unnoticed.

With the constant pull of responsibility and the feeling that we’ve failed if we don’t achieve at least half of what’s on the To Do list, those moments can soon become vast chunks of time. The small things moments gone, never to return.

Having a few days in Paris with Mr OLS gave me time to think and refresh my perspective on what’s real, important and what I’m proud of.

Instead of feeling like I should be more this or I must do more of that, I’m concentrating on how much I have done and what I already am. There could always be more time spent on household chores and attending to the call of life’s general responsibilities. I’m sure if I tried a smidgen more, I could squeeze one more hour out of the day to bestow on the blog and make more of the opportunities it brings with it.

But you know what? Everything is doing just fine. This life is amazing and the place where the other two musketeers and I stand is built on effort, understanding, trust, hard work and love. If I look around with my eyes wide open, I already have what matters. And it’s all good!

Happy Weekend! xx

1 comment on “Do Small Things With Great Love”

  1. Never a truer word spoken my lovely. More of us need to take a hard look with our eyes wide open and see that life is actually already rich and good with what we have. There is of course nothing wrong with aspiration, but nothing in life is guaranteed which is why it’s so important to focus on the here and now today, rather than what tomorrow and the future could be…. Xxxx

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