October 20, 2018

Curated + Caffeinated

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curated reads and clicks

curated reads and clicks to be enjoyed when pleasantly caffeinated!

1   Eye makeup has gone a little more autumnal now that I’m using this Yves Saint Laurent Couture Palette. The beige, brown or nude tones are perfect when used along for a barely there daytime look or adding in a bit more depth if you fancy creating something more intense by using more than one.

And their new Volume Effect Faux Cils The Curler mascara definitely deserves a mention. Great alone and even better when applied on top of the Flash Primer for a bit more volume. A big thank you to Yves Saint Laurent for sending me these to try – they’re beautiful luxury products that add a bit of feel good factor to the darker mornings!

2   Back with another autumn essential – the grey sweater. Honestly what’s not to love? I fully admit to having a few different styles in my wardrobe. Apart from the obvious cashmere there’s a roll neck, the chunkier knit and the finer Merino wool one for layering. Best places to seek out your sweaters in my opinion? Arket, COS, hush and The White Company.

S H O P  G R E Y  S W E A T E R S  F O R  A U T U M N  +  W I N T E R


3   You may have already heard about the wonderful brand, Moments Of Sense & Style and the story behind it, that belongs to founders Syreeta and Rob. It’s both incredibly moving and inspirational at the same time. You might already be following them on Instagram – I was.

But I hadn’t yet seen their beautiful products in real life until I was visiting Laura at Hero a couple of weeks ago. She’s now a proud stockist of MOSS and her delivery arrived whilst I was there. Before she’d even finished unpacking and displaying, I had purchased a candle and box of luxury matches! I urge you to take a look at Syreeta and Rob’s story and if you’re thinking about buying a candle, I’m more than a little obsessed with the fragrance of the one that I choose – “Wander to Man Mo Temple”. It’s beautifully complex and ever so slightly masculine – just gorgeous.

4   Minimal interiors blogs have definitely become my jam these days. Every time I find a new one to devour I get so very happy! One that I’ve been following for ages is Cate St Hill. Cate has impeccable taste and I LOVE her interior styling. Not only that but her miniature dachshund Francis is simply the cutest Instagram dog ever! (Apart from you Biscuit of course!).

Go check out Cate’s Instagram profile and take a look at Francis’ Story highlights. He is off the scale adorable! p.s. If you’re reading any good minimalist interior blogs, please share the love in the comments – I need more!

5   I know I mentioned this on Instagram and Stories but I don’t think I’ve talked about the Dear 1995 podcast here before – and you know what, I don’t care if I have because it’s so darn good! Each episode finds Gwen and her co-host Brooke, reading aloud from Gwen’s 1995 high school diary.

For anyone that was a similar age during that period or just recalls the 90’s, this is the funniest thing I’ve listened to for ages. During the summer I walked the dog at the park listening to this and my laugh out loud outbursts drew many a strange look from passers by! I haven’t yet gotten to the final episode of season two because I kind of don’t want it be over. PLEASE let there be a Season Three!

6   A recent discovery (I think via someone else’s Instagram feed), is the brilliant White Black Grey Lifestyle Store. Yep… they had me at White Black Grey – I mean this online store could have been designed with me in mind! A brand passionate about design and full of ethically produced products, all in MONOCHROME – what’s not to love?

Amongst my favourite pieces are the Bottle Vase in black, the Concrete Moose in white (because yes, I need a concrete moose!) and the Initial Lunch Boxes. Hell… who am I kidding? I love it all!

Have a great weekend!
Amanda xx


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  1. Great blog was already following Cate and love the candles too. I sent you a message because for some reasons I can’t always leave a comment. Have you seen @scandinavianliving perhaps a bit too minimalist for me at the moment but wardrobe goals!

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