September 22, 2018

Curated + Caffeinated

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curated + caffeinated

Curated reads + clicks for when you’re pleasantly caffeinated!

1   Love Italian food? Oh yes… what’s not to love in all honesty. My amazingly talented friend Jennie over at Lois Avery is not only an aficionado (is that an Italian word?) of cashmere but you may have guessed by now that she loves all things Italy. Including (and especially) the food! Take a look at her latest blog post on the five most authentic Italian cookbooks that she regularly delves into.

She was kind enough to gift me my own copy of Skye McAlpine’s beautiful book, A Table In Venice for my birthday this year and this book is truly a feast for the eyes… and the tummy. I need to nudge this one towards Mr OS I think…
Photo Credit: Marlene Lee

2   This week whilst scrolling through Instagram I came across an account called @hilothelabel – it was the Leather Boyfriend Pants (trousers if you’re strictly UK fashion terminology only), that caught my attention. Possibly because I was already thinking about how much longer I’d have to wait before I can dig out my own leather leggings.

Sadly this particular pair is out of my budget right now – bathroom renovation coming up etc etc. And really, do I need two pairs of leather pants? No would be my answer. But in case you haven’t made the leap yet and are thinking of doing so this season, I’ve included a selection below. If you’re going for real leather as opposed to the faux deal, it is more expensive and definitely an investment buy. As someone who put this purchase off year upon year, I’ve never regretted my hush purchase from last season. In the process of selecting a variety of styles and prices, this Marks & Spencer straight leg pair also get my vote for price point and style scoring!

S H O P  L E A T H E R  L E G G I N G S  +  T R O U S E R S


3   Someone whose blog and Instagram I love is Alex from The Frugality. I have so much respect and admiration for how she conducts herself in the online arena and having met her a couple of times, I can confirm she’s utterly lovely in real life too. So I was Mrs Angry on her behalf recently when I read that an infamous media site (I’m not typing their name here but it rhymes with Fail), had used one of her images without permission.

Alex has since been successful in getting them to take it down and has written a blog post about the experience and knowing your image rights. This is something we need to know about in a world where online image use is so prolific – definitely a recommended read this weekend.

4   There’s nothing more exciting than when I receive new beauty goodies in the post – it’s one part of my job that makes it feel like Christmas Day comes around more than once a year! I was thrilled to receive some Balance Me goodies recently and am looking forward to giving them a go. I particularly love the Rose Otto Face Oil – the smell is heavenly. And I think the Gradual Tanning Drops concept is a genius Lazy Girl idea for when my enthusiasm for tanning season is waning but I still want glow. Just add 1 to 3 drops into your normal face or body moisturiser for a streak free, natural tan. I’m definitely giving these a go!

5   I’ve mentioned the Hella talented Instagram goddess that is Sara Tasker many times here and on the ‘Gram. Her Instagram Retreat course, podcast Hashtag Authentic, blog and general all round awesomeness is legendary in online circles. So I’m really excited that she’s written a book and have already pre-ordered my copy of Hashtag Authentic for February 2019 here. This woman is quietly unstoppable and I can’t wait to see what’s contained within the pages of her book. One thing for sure, it’s bound to be a thing of beauty and wisdom.

6   Hands up who enjoys a good room makeover post? I’m more than a little obsessed with seeing how people transform their living space and I think the fact that blogging and Instagram have made this more accessible for us nosy, interior loving folk should be celebrated! Case in point, my friend Monica’s living room makeover – Er Hello Room Of Utter Gorgeousness! Monica and her fiancé Oli moved into their Georgian flat earlier this year and room by room, are transforming it into a stylishly warm and welcoming home that reflects their incredible taste. Click over and prepare to be inspired by small details that definitely elevate the everyday!
Photo Credit: Charlotte Bryer-Ash.

Have a great weekend!
Amanda xx

2 comments on “Curated + Caffeinated”

  1. Hi Amanda, loved reading your article I really don’t understand all the things being thrown around on Instagram at the moment and you have helped to clarify that. I follow you because you are to me the most genuine and I love your style.
    Have I been influenced by you? Probably but I prefer to think of it as a friend giving me a little fashion help. ❤️❤️Love all your posts. Thanks Pam

    1. Pam – thank you so much!
      When I write something – particularly style related – I get the same feeling as I would when I go shopping with a friend. Its like trying stuff on for fit and style and if it doesn’t work then no biggie – it’s just not meant for you!
      Thanks so much for your sweet words of support – they mean a great deal!
      Amanda xx

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